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The famous Twitter controversy: Microservices vs. Monolithic

Currently, the service-oriented architecture has become the first choice of large-scale applications in his new era. So does this mean the demise of a single module software? The answer is clearly no, the well-known websites Etsy is exactly using a single module design ideas. Here, let’s check the debate on these two modes on Twitter. Continue reading →

August 18, 2014 IT News

Speed up PC tips – Disable Remote Differential Compression

Perhaps you don’t know that, Remote Differential Compression is a feature that detect change of files via network, this feature was first added to the OS since Windows Vista 7, once the change of file is detected, the message will be transferred with little bandwidth usage instead of transferring the whole file. This feature can be useful sometimes, but the fact is, most of the time, people have no need to use it at all, especially for home base users, further more, this features consume a bit of system recourse, disabling this feature may potentially make your system a bit faster or smoother.

To disable Remote Differential Compression is very simple, here is the instruction plus screen-shots: Continue reading →

August 12, 2014 Computer Knowledge

The Top Ten Cafe in New York City

Making the world quiet down just need a cup of coffee. Coffee lovers are looking for the best cafe over the world every day. Beyond coffee itself, the environment, service, location also have an effect on the evaluation to a cafe. Nevertheless, it is hard to vote the best one in New York City. So, synthesizing every factors, there are ten top cafe standing out.
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August 5, 2014 Shopping Tips

Office for iPad significantly updating

News of Modern Office has yet to come, but today the Microsoft Office suite for iPad ushered in a substantial feature updates: You can export files to PDF, new picture tools added, and support for third-party fonts. Continue reading →

August 4, 2014 IT News

Troubleshoot Speedbit Video Accelerator removal problem on Windows

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How to Remove Browser Hijacker (Vilmatech How to Guide) Review is a website offering search service to everything including images, videos, shopping maps and more. Though users can’t see any malicious trait on its simple and neat interface, it is a browser hijacker indeed. Users don’t know why they always redirected to when they try to open new tabs or click on the search results. In fact, browser hijacker has taken over your browser when you realizes that. hijack virus is able to modify your original settings including home page, start-up page, search engine. DNS settings, load time threshold and more, which tries to monitor your browser and change your browsing history. Powered by an unsafe search engine, may show you unwanted websites in search engine, some of which are its sponsored links that it make profits and various commercial ads. Those search result may be associated with illegal SEO and may not link users to desirable sites but cause redirection. Besides, it will be a threat to your browser security since it has changed and damage the browser defense to malware that the infected browser is under risks. Moreover, it may contain tracing cookies and other hack tools that can access to users’ personal data, and steal privacy and monitor your browsing habit.
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July 21, 2014 How-to-Guides

How to Remove Bing Desktop Completely With Max Uninstaller


Bing Desktop is an assistant application that provides Search engine, Facebook contents and news directly via users’ desktop without opening a web page on browser.

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July 18, 2014 How-to-Guides

How can you get rid of PC Performer?

Many users are trying to find a good method to uninstall PC Performer. Are you one? Here I will list some solutions to remove PC Performer from Windows xp and Windows Vista.
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July 2, 2014 How-to-Guides

Troubleshooting PUP problems: Removing Speed Cleaner

Speed Cleaner problems may be caused by out-of-date documents, incorrect or incomplete subscription of files, or as the Desktop or Start food selection shortcut of Speed Cleaner have been deleted or do definitely not function properly. Continue reading →

June 23, 2014 Computer Knowledge

Remove, Guidance to Remove Malware Effectively was found to be a pop-ups provider constantly displaying all kinds of software download prompts in the browser, intending to get the permission purposefully from the users. was an unsolicited infection usually concealed in other software package, stealthily installing into the targeted system without authorization. Once the cunning successfully got stationed in the system, it would seize the chance to release nonstop pop-ups so as to lure the innocent users to click on those trap buttons. In that case, the innocent users would inadvertently permit the to download and install any software it specified. Have to know that those unknown installation offers provided by the were concerning malicious virus and malware. As long as the users gave their permission to the downloads, all kinds of unwanted malware would get the chance to invade into the system and the users could not detect them timely, the consequences would be terrible. Users should remove as soon as possible, otherwise, all the malicious invaders would corrupted the computer protection gradually, and evil cybercriminals would be able to break into the infected computer easily, stealing users’ crucial information and causing them irreparable losses. Please refer to the expert guide to complete the removal when necessary. Continue reading →

May 22, 2014 How-to-Guides