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When Uninstall Flip Player for Mac, What Should You Do?

uninstall Flip4Mac

I think you won’t be strange to Flip Player for Mac if you have installed on your computer, this is what the app is: Flip Player for Mac lets you play any files that QuickTime supports on your Mac without converting them through a separate program. With just a few clicks, you can be enjoying videos that would have been difficult or impossible to watch otherwise. But do you really know what to do when have to uninstall it from Mac? Have you done the right operations to remove it? Does it cause any trouble on your computer?

Use Trash to Uninstall

Generally speaking, when a Mac user start to uninstall something unwanted, he or she will use Trash to do in most case:

One way is to launch Finder, choose Application on the left panel, then locate the icon of Flip Player for Mac;
Drag it into Trash straightly or right click choose Move to Trash;

Other is to open Launchpad, find the target icon. Easily drag it into Trash or right click choose Move to Trash;
Right click Trash to choose Empty the Trash, and then reboot your Mac to confirm removal.

However, this is the beginning of whole removal, that what you had done is far away from finished.

Delete Remains on Hard Drive

In the steps mentioned above, you have just delete the icon of Flip Player for Mac, but its related components, files and folders stored in hard drive are still leaving in your computer. In that case, what you have to do is find them and delete all of them one by one, step by step: (Usually they will be stored in several folders on Library on your Mac)

  • ~/Library/Caches
  • ~/Library/Preferences
  • ~/Library/Application Support

So the next step is to open these folders to delete the remains:

  • Launch Finder, then go to the menu bar click GO
  • Select Go to folder…, and type “~/library/” in the box, hit Go
  • Library folder will pop up then
  • Search the files in the name of Flip Player for Mac in Application Support


  • Once it show up, right-click to delete it
  • Back to Library folder, repeat the same operation in Preferences and Caches
  • Same operation like above mentioned
  • Finally, right-click Trash, choose Empty the Trash to confirm your whole removal

Unfortunately, like I said, these folders are the normal storage location of an installed app on Mac. As a matter of fact, the associated files of Flip Player for Mac also found in:

  • ~/Library/Saved Application State
  • ~/Library/CashReporter
  • ~/Library/C

saved application state

This means you need to go to these folders to find hem and delete them all.


Be careful: miss any one of them means that you can’t completely uninstall Flip Player for Mac; while delete any one of them with wrong target means you’ll get into other trouble.
Seems there are risks and wasting time if using manual approach to remove Flip Player for Mac, if you are tired of this or you can’t finish all these steps like me, I suggest you use removal tool to help, for it will uninstall Flip Player for Mac and delete all of remains in just a few seconds by clicking couples of button. I think you’ll know what to do exactly after reading this helpful tutorial, hope you have a good time with today’s share.

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New iPad Pro 2017 Models Now Available in Apple Stores

new 2017 iPad Pro models

The new 2017 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, which were introduced at last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference, are available for purchase at Apple retail stores now around the world.

With stock now available at retail locations, in-store pickup for the iPad Pro has also gone live, allowing customers to check stock at local Apple Stores.

According to the reliable message, iPad Pro 2017 is in the produce of “large-scale”, the render graph of this new generation of 10.5 inch iPad Pro 3D exaggeration chart has been exposure.

Just after the WWDC keynote event during June 5 to 9, Apple began accepting iPad Pro orders, and the first iPad Pro models began shipping out over the weekend with most offering June 13 delivery dates.

Talking about the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro replaces the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, bringing a bigger display with 40 percent smaller side bezels and a slightly larger and heavier body. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the same size as the previous-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Think that will provide a great visual enjoyment to users.

Both new iPad Pro models feature new ProMotion display technology, which offers refresh rates of up to 120Hz for fluid scrolling, improved responsiveness, and smoother motion, along with much more powerful A10X Fusion chips with 30 percent faster CPU performance and 40 percent faster GPU performance compared to the A9X chip.

The color of 10.5-inch iPad Pro, which will came in Silver, Space Gray, Gold, and Rose Gold, and its price will startat $649. While the 12.9-inch model, which comes in Silver, Space Gray, and Gold, starts at $799. Most Apple fans have new iPad to play this summer.

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New Mac Malware Alert: MacSpy & MacRansom Discovered on Dark Web

mac malware alert

Two new strains of malware aimed at macOS operating system have been discovered: MacSpy and MacRansom. Bleeping Computer first reported the news that these two Mac malware have been offered through Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) and Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) portals on the Dark Web for almost three weeks, yet until recent days did they been found by security researchers during a routine scan.

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UK General Election: Pound Falls Due to the Political Turmoil

uk election 2017 result

London (CNN), in the morning 7:00 am of local time on June 8, 2017, British General election vote formally began. According to CNN, there are 650 electoral districts more than 40 thousands polling stations opened across the country. There are about 46.9 million people registered as voters. The outcome of the vote is expected published one 9 in the morning of UK time.

UK General Election: New Updates

According to the Three televisions in UK, the exit poll shows that the situation of Conservatives is not optimistic enough, while Labour has picked up seats from the Scottish National Party in Scotland, and that the Conservatives have lost seats in the south of England. Though Conservatives is still the most powerful party in UK, but it would surely or might lose seats of majority party, Conservatives must get more than 326 votes.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made speech in their elect district, saying thanks the voters, and it is right to vote them, and Labour now gets more seats. Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, who had said Corbyn was safe anyway, for he won two leadership election now in an interview just now. On the other side, Conservatives leader Theresa May expressed that the voters should be calm down now, and it must consolidate and uplift in the overall situation of the whole country since UK had quit the EU last year, in order to get more votes from the British public.

labour leader jeremy corbyn

Pound Drops Due to Uncertain Election Outcome

With the exit poll predicting an uncertain outcome, many are asking what this would mean for the upcoming Brexit negotiations. Meanwhile, the pound has fallen since the early projection and people are suddenly interested in Labour leader Jeremy

Due to the uncertain vote of Theresa May, the representative of Conservative Party, now the situation of May is 209 votes, if the Conservative Party can’t get the higher votes than Labour, thus, May may be in trouble. The currency remained volatile as initial results trickled in, falling as much as 2% to below $1.27 before regaining some ground. It had been trading comfortably above $1.29 during the day on Thursday. That’s 14% lower than its level on the day of the Brexit referendum nearly a year ago. Since then it has traded as low as $1.20.


Anyway, more information about the UK General Election, click here to know.

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Cannot Uninstall Spotify on Mac? Get Help Here

Spotify is a music, podcast, and video streaming service that provides digital rights management-protected content from record labels and media companies. Its basic features are free with advertisements, while additional features, including improved streaming quality and offline music downloads, are offered via paid subscriptions.


Spotify is available for many mainstream platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Though being a great tool for enjoying music, this app may cause problems during the setup or usage period on some users’ devices. If your device is not compatible with the Spotify app, or you are just dissatisfied with its performance, you could consider deleting this app from your device once and for all.

Bothered by uninstalling Spotify? Looking for a properly solution to entirely get rid of it? This post will show you how to easily uninstall Spotify on macOS/Mac OS X.

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A British Man Claims iPhone 7 Exploded When He Answered It

A man seeing iPhone 7 exploding

According to the report of Sun, earlier this morning on May 9, a man named Lee Hayes, who is from England, 47 years old, has claimed that an iPhone 7 was exploded on his face when he was answering it.

Hayes said, “The phone just put on the side of kitchen, I heard the ring belling when I picked it up, it just exploded suddenly”, and he only got this iPhone 7 for three days when the incident happened. What he described of the explosion and the fizz sound were the similar with former situation of other phone.

Apple Company has not responded for this incident.

A number of glass splinter rip into Hayes’ hands due to the explosion, even left a trace to the kitchen. The explosion made the man can continue his match, who is a Darts players, so he is considering to t accuse Apple for responsible for the whole accident.


When a phone is exploding, people think the reason must be the issue of battery. For example, the series of explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note7 happened earlier in the world.
Luckily thought by Hayes, “It’s quite disappointing hurt that my hands were still bleeding, fortunately, things could be worse that I could had lost my hand!”

So it seems that even the iPhone can’t be one hundred percent safe, you must look at you smartphone, be care not to let the accident happened, cool down your phone now!

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If You Have Problem in Removing Google Earth, Try This!


Still using Trash to remove unwanted application? Can it completely uninstall Google Earth when you empty your Trash? I bet you have many problems about uninstalling Google Earth for Mac.

About Drag-to-Trash

Drag-to-Trash seems like quite easy option when people remove something, but if you haven’t totally delete it, it will cost a huge and plenty problems to you. Therefore, today’s approach to remove Google Earth, I think it’s better when you use the traditional method to do it.

Why It Is Better to Handle?

Due to trouble you might meet during the deleting of its leftovers, you must to the different folders to find the correct files relate to Google Earth, in this process, most people will make the mistakes. Some of them can find the right one to delete; some of them can delete all of them; some of them even delete the wrong one. Be careful, that will harm your computer. When this problem happened, you must spend a lot of time and energy to fix them, or spend money to save them.

About Third Party Removal Tool

This is why you need a third party tool to help removal. Just three simple steps can help you totally get rid of Google Earth for good, locate Google Earth << Run Analysis << Complete Uninstall. Very easy to uninstall unwanted application, everyone should try this. Want to know more details? Click the here  to check the details now.

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Simple Steps to Optimize Storage On Your Mac

Don’t know how to optimize storage and release the space on your Mac, look at the page don’t missing.

  • First of all, click Apple icon in start menu on your Desktop, select “about this Mac” in first option to open window.
  • Next, choose Storage button of the top of window.
  • After that you can see a window of Macintosh HD appears on your face, simply click manage… on the right side.
  • Then anther windows pop-up, there are fore different types of storage in your Mac:

      Store in iCloud
      Optimize Storage
      Empty Trash Automatically
      Reduce Clutter

  • Choose one you want optimize, such as second choice Optimize Storage, simply click the button Optimize on the right side

optimize storage on your Mac

  • Just a second, click Optimize option to make sure you want to optimize storage of iTunes movies and TV shows.
  • Now, your storage optimization is completed for one option.
  • Repeat the above operation to optimize other option to have other storage optimization.
  • Simply click quit to finish all the processes.

Thanks for watching the video of how to optimize your Mac storage:

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Try New Method to Uninstall ACDSee Mac Pro 3 From Your Mac

Still use the common way to uninstall ACDSee Mac Pro 3? Get tired of failure in deleting stubborn software? Get in trouble after removing with your Mac. Then I think it’s time that you should try a new way to use removal tool to solve the problem for you.

uninstall ACDSee Mac Pro 3

In traditional uninstall method of Mac, most people have known dragging the target app to Trash or some of them move the ACDSee Mac Pro 3 to trash from Application Folder. But there is the problem: most people don’t know how to delete its lingering files, logs, caches and other miscellaneous contents which may stay on the hard disk, or some of them have delete the wrong files by mistake, which will certainly cause serious damage to your Mac.

Let’s look at how to usually remove the leftovers ACDSee Mac Pro 3 of form you Mac:
Search for the following locations to delete associated items of ACDSee Mac Pro 3 in GO of menu bar:

/Library/Application Support

Can you make sure to delete all of them without missing or not to delete anyone wrong?
If you can’t, it’s time you should choose removal tool—a professional of Osx Uninstaller to help you get rid of ACDSee Mac Pro 3.

Osx Uninstaller Download

Only in three simple steps can help you ninstall ACDSee Mac Pro 3 for googd now:

1.Locate ACDSee Mac Pro 3 ‘s icon on the interface, nest click Run Analysis button in the left side. not long, you will see a list of ACDSee Pro 3 ‘s files being detected on the uninstaller within a few seconds.

2.  Next, click Complete Uninstall to start the removal, and click Yes to activate the removing process.

3.In a few seconds, you will receive massage dialog which states that ACDSee Pro 3 has been already uninstalled  completely.

Apparently, there are no folder like /Library, /Library/Application Support that you should to keep patient or careful, most importantly, you don’t have worry about the mistake you would make in the removal process, because it’s all in automatic operation! Click here to begin download removal tool.

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How to View Devices Associated with Your Apple ID


Wonder how many devices are linked to your Apple account? How to manage the connected devices or see the details? Check out this post to learn the tricks.

With the recent release of iOS 10.3, you can easily view and remove every devices that are associated with your Apple IDs from the iPhone. Moreover, you can check the status of their Find My Phone and iCloud backup functions, check device info like model, version, and serial number, view and remove Apple Pay cards on the device.

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