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What to Do when Windows Uninstaller and unin000.ex won’t be able to Uninstall MyWinLocker?

It’s such an annoying and embarrassing thing when failed to uninstall MyWinLocker by Windows Uninstaller and build-in unin000.ex application, by the way, how should you do to remove MyWinLocker successfully when these two most common manual method won’t do anything for the removal?

uninstall Mywinlocker

Can Windows uninstaller help?

Vernod met this problem in the past and asked for help in forum.

“I recently purchased an Acer laptop which had some application called MyWinLocker by EgisTec.

When launching the program and on startup, I get the following error:

  • The application has failed to start because sysenv.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem

When I try to reinstall from the acer restore program,

  • it says an updated version is already installed and therefore nothing can be done.

When I try to uninstall application, I click on change, and then it says:

  • Some files that need to be updated are currently in use:
  • EgisUpdate Release Application
  • The option is then to automatically close and attempt to restart applications

When I click next, I get error 1722 says there is an error with this windows installer package.”

Most Common Problems Happen during…

This is often happening during the MyWinLocker removal by using Windows Programs and Features:

  • You need to update the software;
  • The removal refused by system with unknown reason;s
  • Software required reinstalled before removal;
  • The Control Panel cannot remove the software;

Let’s look at the other case that Windows uninstaller can’t remove MyWinlocker by Libra:

“I attempted to uninstall MyWinlocker two weeks ago and I just discovered it’s still there. An install wizard appears and I am not given the choice to uninstall, only install. It says to check what you want to install and uncheck what you do not want installed…so I didn’t check anything. At that time I did get a notice that it may not have uninstalled correctly and was clueless about this.”

uninstall MyWinLocker

Can build-in uninstaller help?

It is such upset and confusing for people right? Do you think this is an end when failed to uninstall MyWinLocker from a Windows PC? Let’s check another case for MyWinLocker build-in uninstaller:

Usually, an installed software in Windows might have a unin000.ex or unin.dat file stored in hard drive. Find and open the installed location of a program in Windows in PC, you’ll find its default uninstaller. However, in some case, it may be disappointing that there is no unin000.ex or unin.dat file at all. So the build-in uninstaller in this part won’t help you, either.


Can Automated Software help?

The question is what to do at the end to uninstall MyWinLocker when Windows uninstaller and build-in uninstaller won’t help anymore? Can an automated tool help remove MyWinLocker from computer? Let’s try.

1. Download & install Bloatware Uninstaller on computer

2. Launch the tool, start to delete MyWinLocker:

Follow the easy instruction of this tool with Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 ad click on the button “Run Analysis”, “Complete Uninstall”, “Scan Leftovers” and “Delete Leftovers” see if it would help to get rid of MyWinLocker when finished the whole process of a software removal.

step 1

3. Obviously, MyWinLocker was gone when you have done all three steps, the solution is successfully good for everyone!

More detail and information to fully uninstall MyWinLocker is in this story.

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AMD’s Ryzen Desktop APUs will be coming on February 12 from $99

Just ahead of CES 2018 pre-show, AMD has announced a lot of new products will be coming in this year, including Ryzen Desktop APUs and Ryzen Mobile APUs. Now, with the closer and closer to coming time of release, we can also see the full massage of AMD desktop version for Ryzen APU.

AMD's Ryzen Desktop APUs will be coming on February 12 from $99

The detailed information of these two Ryzen

First of all, let’s take look on what configurations of these Ryzen might have after releasing.

Also known as the Ryzen 2000G series APUs, these processors offer the power of AMD Zen CPU and Radeon Vega GPU in one single package. For starters, AMD will be releasing two different models, as listed below:

Ryzen 5 2400G: 3.6GHz Base / 3.9GHz Max Boost / 4 Cores / 8 Threads / 11 Computational Units for Graphics

Ryzen 3 2200G: 3.5GHz Base / 3.7GHz Max Boost / 4 Cores / 4 Threads / 8 Computational Units for Graphics

This is, the Ryzen 3 2200G offers four CPU cores and four threads clocked at 3.5 GHz plus an 8 compute unit Vega GPU.


As for the price, these two APUs are pretty crazy in what they offer at a low price point. The Ryzen 3 2200G is from $99 dollars, while Ryzen 5 2400G is $169 dollars.

The Ryzen 5 2400G, for example, has a four core, eight thread CPU clocked at 3.6 GHz with a boost up to 3.9 GHz. It also packs a Vega GPU with 11 compute units, or 704 shader cores, with a base clock of 1240 MHz. You get all of this for just $169, which is only $5 more than the Ryzen 5 1400, yet you get higher CPU clocks out of the box and decent integrated graphics.

These two APUs will be available on February 12, 2018, please pay attention to the official website if you’d like to purchase one.

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Take Proper Steps to Uninstall Whatsapp on Your Mac

Take Proper Steps to Uninstall Whatsapp on Your Mac

Encountered issues when trying to get rid of Whatsapp? Wondering how to effectively uninstall Whatsapp for Mac? Simply dragging its icon to the Trash does not help remove all the components this app creates on your system. In this post we would like to share three available methods to help you remove Whatsapp on macOS/Mac OS X.

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Trump Signs Ban on Kaspersky Lab Software

Trump Signs Ban on Kaspersky Lab Software

American president Donald Trump on Tuesday signed the bill into law to ban the use of Kaspersky Lab software within the U.S. Government, which puts an end to the months-long attempt to purge the Moscow-based antivirus firm from federal agencies.

“The case against Kaspersky is well-documented and deeply concerning. This law is long overdue,” said Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who led calls in Congress to scrub the software from government computers. She added that the Russian company’s software represented a “grave risk” to U.S. national security.

The directive appears in Section 1634 of the 2018 NDAA, and it reads as follows:

“No department, agency, organization, or other element of the Federal Government may use, whether directly or through work with or on behalf of another department, agency, organization, or element of the Federal Government, any hardware, software, or services developed or provided, in whole or in part, by—
(1) Kaspersky Lab (or any successor entity);
(2) any entity that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with Kaspersky Lab; or
(3) any entity of which Kaspersky Lab has majority ownership.”

In September the Trump administration issued a directive requiring both military and civilian agencies to remove Kaspersky Lab software within 90 days.

Kaspersky Lab has repeatedly denied that it has ties to any government and said it would not help a government with cyber espionage. In an attempt to address American government suspicions, the company declared in October that it was willing to submit the source code of its software and future update for inspection by independent parties. This proposal was not accepted however, and last week Kaspersky Lab announced that it would close its its Washington, D.C. offices.

As a response to this ban, Kaspersky Lab said in a statement on Tuesday that it continued to have “serious concerns” about the law “due to its geographic-specific approach to cybersecurity”. It added that the company was assessing its options and would continue to “protect its customers from cyber threats (while) collaborating globally with the IT security community to fight cybercrime”.

Source: Trump signs into law U.S. government ban on Kaspersky Lab software


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Microsoft Updates Remote Desktop App for macOS


Microsoft Corporation on Wednesday released out its new Remote Desktop app for Mac computers in the App Store. The update introduces a new UI design, some improvements in managing connections and new functionalities available in a remote session. Note that you can only use this app to control a remote machine running a Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise version of Windows via your Mac.

The new version (10.0.1) is free to download and requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later. If you have installed the previous version of Remote Desktop, you can get the new version in Mac App Store. Here are some new features contained in the version:

  • Redirect your local microphone and smart cards
  • Use MacOS keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy, and paste in a remote session
  • Assign desktop connections to custom groups
  • Easily identify active connections in the connection center
  • Manage a single list of user accounts in the preferences of the app
  • Store multiple entries of the same username with different passwords

To remotely control your Windows PC via your Mac, you need to complete the configuration of the Microsoft Remote Desktop clients on both Windows PC and Mac. To migrate connection data from Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.0 you have installed on your Mac, you can first of all, download the new version in App Store to install it, then click connections in the menu, and choose the option to import connections from the other app. Note: friendly names for the connections are not ported to the new app.

On January a vulnerability was reported in Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for Mac OS X, which allows a malicious terminal server to read and write any file in the home directory of the connecting user. The code execution hole was submitted to the company on July 2016 but Microsoft patched it on January 2017. Considering the potential risk, you are suggested to update the software to the latest version.

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How Fast Can You Uninstall Minecraft for Mac?

“Literally I’ve got a problem when I uninstall Minecraft from macOS, and I don’t why it kept failed, can you tell me why? Or someone can help me with that?”

We have always met these kinds of similar questions that a lot of users had through the internet, why these keep happening, because you are not using the right way to uninstall Minecraft for Mac. So today, if you have those troubles then read this story carefully for help. Here is a quite fast way to help with uninstall Minecraft for Mac completely& safely.

Software information: Minecraft is a game application on Mac, which chock-full of adventure, exploring, and creativity where you survive in a world composed of blocks – similar to Legos – that you can move around however you like from your first-person perspective.


We all know the Drag-and-Drop method in macOS to uninstall applications, but today we are not going to share this traditional but cause quite problems way to you, but to bring a brand new approach to help with game removal instead.

We all know Drag-and-Drop is all about manual process to uninstall things, but this method we’ll talk about is all on automatic steps to safely uninstall Minecraft for Mac.


Fast Way to uninstall Minecraft from Mac computer

Let’s take a look on it specific guide to truly uninstall Minecraft for Mac without worry step by step as follow:

Step 1. Run Analyze on the target

Launch the uninstaller, and select the Minecraft icon in the interface then click button Run Analyze;

Step 2. Complete Uninstall Minecraft for Mac


Easily click on button Complete Uninstall to conduct the regular removal. Then click Yes to delete all leftovers scanned;

Step 3: Successfully removed

Congratulations, you have just removed Minecraft successfully as fast as you think. The annoying leftover of Minecraft for Mac have been scanned in Step 2 and deleted in Step 3, altogether 94 folders and 264 files were deleted and freed for 321.69 MB space.

More information about the full tutorial to uninstall Minecraft for Mac safely and completely is in this story. Go and check for more details.

Or watch this VIDEO to learn more about using Osx Uninstaller to

Well, about the Drag-and-Drop method we’ve mentioned above, except to drag the target Minecraft from Application >> Folder on Dock, then in order to delete all leftovers of Minecraft, that you must go to Library folder to have a deeply cleaning in the follow folders:

  • /Library
  • /Library/C
  • /Library /Application Support
  • /Library/Caches
  • /Library/Preference
  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons
  • /Library/PreferencePanes
  • /Library/StartupItems

If not, you may have to go thought the failure mentioned in paragraph 1, so careful when you do that. That’s why lots people have problems when using the Drag-and-Drop to uninstall Minecraft for Mac, but less in Automatic Remover with this tool. certainly everything goes great after I’ve experienced this Uninstaller on my Mac to remove unwanted apps, hope it will help you, too.

More information for removal tutorial on Mac OS X, please hit here to search.

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iOS 11: How to Improve Battery Life on Your iPhone

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 11 to try out the new features? If so, you may be wondering why your battery runs out so quickly than ever before. You are not alone. Since the release of iOS 11 in September, there are many problem reports about this update, and one of the most heated topics is the quick battery drain issue.


As Apple haven’t come up with an effective solution to solve the issue yet, we can only do something from ourselves. Modifying some basic settings may do the trick to improve battery life. Here are some tips that help save battery life on iOS 11 devices:

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How Can I Uninstall McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac (Solved)


Firs of all, I would like to explain why I decide to write this post. Yesterday I downloaded McAfee Endpoint Protection for Mac to test if this security solution could work well on my Mac. And later I would like to switch to another brand of antivirus software, but this time the issue occurs: I cannot install other antivirus due to the current installed McAfee Endpoint Protection. Obviously the removal of McAfee Endpoint Protection is not complete, or at least the app components still remain on my Mac. I searched on the Internet and found there are some users who have the same problem in uninstalling McAfee Endpoint Protection.

Luckily I found a proper way to uninstall McAfee Endpoint Protection from my Mac, and I will share my experience here to help anyone who have the same trouble.

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Do You Know About Blockchain Technology –

Blockchain technology became more pronounced with the publication of the whitepaper; “Bitcoin, a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash system.” Vitalik Buterin paved way for more applications with the introduction of Ethereum – a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts and applications. Since then, more blockchain-based technologies have emerged to solve several other specific problems, with increased rates of acceptance and adoption recorded in mostly developed economies. Continue reading →

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AV-TEST: Kaspersky Performs Best in Latest AV Test under Windows


As an independent organization based in German, AV-TEST periodically evaluates and rates antivirus and security suite software for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android, according to a variety of criteria. For the past 6 months (from January to June 2017), AV-TEST has been testing 18 Internet security suites for Windows, and recently it announced the result on its website. In the endurance test under Windows, Kaspersky Internet Security gets full marks in protection, performance and usability.

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