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December 6, 2012 Computer Knowledge

Good Things Worth Buying for Your Computer

Mouse pad

If your mouse is often used, you need a mouse pad upon which to roll it. Thus, the mouse pad ensures that you have at least a tiny place on your desktop that’s free of clutter for rolling the mouse around.

Keyboard cover

If you’re having a coffee or have some small children with peanut using your keyboard, a keyboard cover is a great idea. You may have even seen one used in a department store: It covers the key board, but still enables you to type. It is a great idea because, without a keyboard cover, all the disgusting fragments will easily fall between the keys.
In the same vein, you can also buy a generic dust cover for your computer. This item preserves your computer’s appearance, but has no other true value. Use a computer cover only when your computer is turned off (and it is not recommended turning off). If you put the cover on your PC while it is turned on, you create a protection, and the computer gets way too hot and could melt. This type of heat build-up doesn’t happen to the keyboard, so the keyboard cover on all the time is okay.

More memory

Any PC works better with more memory installed. The upper limited on some computer is something like 4GB of RAM which seems ridiculous now, but who knows about two years from now? Still, upgrading your system to 1GB of RAM is a good idea. Almost immediately, you notice the improvement in Windows and various graphics applications and games. Make someone else do the upgrading for you; you just buy the memory.

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