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January 8, 2013 Computer Knowledge, How-to-Guides

How to Protect Your Computer Data 2


Here are some more solutions to help you backup your computer data, you can choose them as alternatives or utilize them together for a better and safer backup result.

Create a disk image

A disk image is not a software or application, which can not be installed or uninstalled, it is a file or storage device that contains contents and structure representing a data storage medium or device. Creating disk image can be the safest way to backup the computer data, that’s why it is my favorite backup method. A disk image can help you restore everything in your system including all your personal data, system settings, the software/application you installed, etc within clicks. From Windows 7, the disk image creating feature is available as a default tool in the system, here I’ll show you how to use it correctly to create a disk image to protect your computer data:

  • Go to Start > Getting Started, click on Back up your files.


  • Click the link of Create a system image.


  • Customize the location to save the image. (You can save the image to an external hard drive to save disk space in your local computer)


  • Select the drives you want to back up.


  • Click to confirm and the Windows will start the backup immediately.

How to use third party program to backup your computer data

Unfortunately if you are running older Windows operation system, you may need to use third party program to help you create disk images, and Auslogics File Recovery Pro is the one I like to recommend, I have used this software for a very long time as my backup solutions to backup my computer data and it works good, here is the tutorial of how to use it:

  • First download and install Auslogics File Recovery in your computer.


  • Launch it and go to Tools > Create Disk Image
  • Select the location to save the image. The same, I recommend you to save it an external hard drive in case your computer is completely crash someday.
  • Name the disk image and click on Save
  • And the program will start to creating the image.

Note: Creating disk images should be done in a regular basis so that you will always have the latest backup of your computer system. If you no longer needs this program, you can uninstall it completely from your computer by using third party uninstall tool.

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