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February 20, 2013 Computer Knowledge, How-to-Guides

Clean Up Junk File by Using Disk Cleanup

disk cleanup

As we mentioned before that, cleaning junk file can be a very effective solution to speed up your computer and fewer system error, beside cleaning up desktop, you can use Disk Cleanup program to scan and remove junk files inside the system.

Disk Cleanup is a tool that available in each Windows OS, it is good for cleaning junk files like program crashes and internet temporary files, recycle bin files, system temporary files, etc. There files are useless for the system and usually occupy a lot of drive space, remove them all can free up a great amount of space, and remember a simple logic, the more space your computer has, the faster it can run.

Deleting junk files is easy enough – all you need to do is run the built-in Disk Cleanup tool.
Windows XP:

Well, Cleaning junk file is not a complicated task, simply run Disk Cleanup tool as below instruction:

For Windows XP users:

  • Go to Start > All Program > Accessories > System Tools
  • Click Disk Cleanup tool to launch it.


  • Select the drive that you want to clean and press Enter key to start the analysis.


  • Click to check the junk file type and click OK to clean them all.


  • Repeat the above steps to clean other drive

For Windows 7 users

  • Click Start button, in the search box, type in Disk Cleanup and press Enter


  • Select a specific drive you want to clean.


  • Click OK to start the analysis.
  • Check the list of junk file and hit OK button to delete them all.



  • If you want to scan and clean other drive, repeat the above steps

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