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February 6, 2013 How-to-Guides

Disable Windows Service to Speed Up System Start Up


From the last post, we know that slow system startup may have something to do with startup items, by disabling the unnecessary ones can optimize startup in certain degree, well, here is another tips for you to achieve a even faster system startup. For more computer error fix tips please visit this Windows Error how to fix Wikipedia

When the computer is booting, system will run a number of service automatically (What is Windows service?), some of them are essential for the system’ functionality, however, some of them are actually unnecessary and seldom needed by a regular home user, if we can disable these unnecessary services, the startup speed of your computer could be improved.

To customize Windows services is not difficult, simply click Start menu, type services. Msc in the search box (Windows 7) or run box (Windows XP), and hit Enter, just right click on the Service you want to stop, and select disable. Sounds easy isn’t it? The problem is, not everyone knows which service is unnecessary and should be disable, if you mistakenly disabled a vital service, it may end up system malfunction or even worse problem.

Basically, there are two ways to optimize Windows services – you could either find a list of services and use it as guidelines for tweaking, or you could use a software optimizer. Using a good quality Service Manager is a lot easier and a lot safer than tweaking services manually, but I’ll still give a couple of tips on how to do it.

To disable Windows services, there are two way to do so, you can do it yourselves by writing down the unnecessary service and manually disable them, or using special designed software help you with this task. Although I personally recommend you to use Service Manager software, if you have enough expertise and confident to do it, here are some tips for you.

Frist, when you start to manually disable Windows service, it is better to use ‘services.msc’ commend other than ‘msconfig’ as you can get more detailed information and description about each service in your computer, you can get know about what each service does in case you disable the wrong one. Second, do not set service startup type to “Disabled” directly, instead, you should set it to Manual, so the service will be run on demand which is much more safe.

Here I provide you a list of service that are unnecessary for most of the home user, you can refer to this list and decide whether to disable them on your computer.

  • Application Experience (AeLookupSvc) – A useless service to check application problems through Microsoft database

  • Remote Registry (RemoteRegistry) – A service allows user to remotely manage Windows registry.

  • Smart Card Service (SCardSvr) – A service that gives access to Smart Cards

  • Tablet PC Input Service (TabletInputService) – A service which is related to hardware like graphic tablets or PC pens, if you don’t have such kind of hardware, it is OK to disable it.

  • Windows Error Reporting Service (WerSvc) – A service that sends error reports to Microsoft

  • Windows Time (W32Time) –A service that can synchronize time and date through network connection.

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