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February 27, 2013 Computer Knowledge, How-to-Guides

How to schedule a disk cleanup (For Windows 7)


As we mentioned in early article that disk cleanup program is a very useful tool to help user remove system junk file, in Windows 7, this tool has been improved and become more convenient, it allows user to schedule the disk cleanup and let it run automatically on a regular basis, this should be very helpful for those people who always forget to maintain their computer. OK, here is the instruction of how to schedule a disk cleanup in your Windows 7 computer.

  • Click Windows Start button, type in ‘task scheduler’ in the search box in the start menu, then press Enter.


  • Click Action menu, select Create Basic Task.


  • Customize a name and description for this task and click Next.


  • Select how often you would like this tool to run, I personally recommend you select monthly.


  • Customize the exact time you want disk cleanup to run.


  • Click the action tab, select ‘Start a program’, click next.


  • In the Program/script section, type in cleanmgr.exe, click next.


  • Look over the summary, if everything is fine, click Finish.


Once you finished the above steps, Disk Cleanup utility will launch itself and do the cleanup job automatically according to the time you customize.

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