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March 25, 2013 Computer Knowledge

Speed Up Your PC Further More by Optimizing Windows Appearance Settings (part 1)

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Most of the computer people love to decorate their computer with cool wallpapers, elaborate screensavers, or nice visual effects like Windows 7 offers. However, do you know these nice – looking thing come at a price? Wallpapers, screensavers and visual effects can occupy you a great mount of system recourse, which could probably slow down your system speed, it is extremely obvious if you install Windows 7 and setup Wallpapers, screensavers in an old computer with integrated video card. Even for a new computer, this problem still exist. If you are still unhappy about the system performance, why not disable some Windows appearance settings? The result might surprise you!

Disable wallpaper and screensaver

wallpaper and screensaver are actually useless for an aesthetic purpose, they would take up a massive amount of your computers’ RAM once been enable. So the first step to achieve a better performance is to disable them all.

For Windows 7 users

  • Right click on a empty spot on the desktop, and click Personalize in the appeared menu.


  • Click the Desktop Background image.


  • Click the arrow and in the pull-down menu, select Solid Colors.


  • Select the color you like the best and click Save change button.


  • Click the Screen savor option.


  • Select None in the drop-down menu, click OK and its’s done!


For Windows XP users:

  • Right click on a blank on the desktop, in the appeared menu, select Properties.


  • Click Desktop tab, in the background section, set it as ‘None’.


  • Click the Screensaver tab, click the arrow and set it as ‘None’ too.


  • After finished these moves, click Apply and then OK.

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