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May 8, 2013 How-to-Guides

More Tweaks to Maximize Your PC Speed


By doing what’s mentioned in my previous post, I believe you have already made significant improvement on your PC speed, I would like to tell you that, it is not all, there are still several tweaks you can make to speed up your PC performance further. Here I’m going to introduce them to you one by one, some of them may sounds or looks advance, but take it easy, if you can follow the instruction here strictly here will be no difficulty for you to accomplish them.

Check the CPU frequency

The first thing you need to do before starting any performance tweak is to check your CUP, as CUP is the foundation of all the tweaks you gonna make, if your CUP is lower than 1.66 GHz, due to such low configuration, your computer would not be any faster even you done all the tips I provided, and I would suggest you to update the hardware or invest money a better configuration computer. You can right click on My Computer icon, and select System Properties in the appeared menu, and then check the CPU frequency of your computer.

Avoid overheating

Computer users all need to be aware of console overheating problem as it can bring you many troublesome problems and decrease PC performance dramatically. To avoid overheating issue, you’ll need to make sure the fan in the console is working properly, if there is too much dust stuffed in the fan, go clean it immediately. On the other hand, do not put your computer console under a direct sunlight.

Change the power option

In Windows 7, there are 3 power options for different computer usage which include:

  • Power Saver: decrease screen brightness and system performance, used for get the most out of the battery.
  • Balanced plan: the default power plan for Windows. Provides full performance when the computer is being used, and reduce energy consumption when it is idle
  • High Performance plan: Increase screen brightness and system performance in some circumstances.

If your feel like the computer performance is not pleasing, you can switch to the performance plan by clicking the battery icon in the system tray > select High Performance radio button, which will increase your computer performance in some circumstances but also it increase the power consumption.

For Windows XP users. You can access to the power option through clicking battery icon in the tray and then select Adjust Power Properties. And you will be able to select a power plan which is more suitable for your PC circumstances

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