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June 19, 2013 How-to-Guides

How to Remove Duplicate File – The Best Duplicate File Cleaner


Are you annoyed by the useless duplicate files on your computer hard disk? For a computer which has been used for a long time, it is unavoidable to have duplicate file inside that occupy a lot of disk space. If you have a good habit of organizing computer data systematically, duplicate file may not be a problem for you, but if not, and you seldom clean up your computer, duplicate file could be a big headache for you. The real problem is, to manually remove duplicate file is quite a heavy and complicated job, most computer user choose to ignore these files, however, this could only end up bad for their computer. If you don’t want your computer get messed up by duplicate files, you’d better get started now to clean them up.

As I mentioned, it is not wise to manually delete duplicate file if there is too many of them, it is time consuming as there are so many file type for you to sort out, and also it is risk involved, you may accidentally deleted useful or the original file. I aware that there are many related programs available that could help with the duplicate file removal, but which one can bring me more conveniences? As I tested a few popular brand by my own, I found DuplicateCure works the best for me. Here I’ll show you how to use this excellent tool to scan and remove duplicate files from your computer quick and easy. If you are having the same duplicate file trouble as I did, I believe the below simple instruction will definitely help you out.

  • First, download DuplicateCure here, and then install it in your computer with ease.
  • Open the program, customize it according to your particular need. (for example, if you only want to remove duplicate image file, click the arrow icon in the right hand “Included” section, and then select ‘Pictures’)


  • In the File Location section, select the folder/drive that you want to scan on the left hand, add them to the right hand search path section, and click Scan Now.


  • It won’t take too long for the program finish scanning duplicate file in your computer, after the scan, select the duplicate file you want to delete, and click Remove button.


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