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September 12, 2013 How-to-Guides, optimize computer performance

Tips to optimize Windows performance – disable unnecessary processes

One other thing that you can do to potentially boost your computer speed is to check the process that running in the background and then disable the useless processes or processes that occupy a lot of CPU usage. Usually there is three types of process that would run in the background after the system is log in, essential and non-essential system process, process that related to the application you installed in the system, or malware/virus – related process. If you can find out which process is useless or is malware, to disable them can definitely speed up the system to a certain degree.

You may wonder how do I check those processes that running in the background? Actually that’s very easy, I believe many of you may have know the trick, which is to open Windows Task Manager by pressing ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’ together, and then go to Process tab, and you will see all the background process names and the CPU usages they are consuming.


But here comes another question, how to identify which process is essential, which one is useless or which one is malware? Some of the process has straightforward names and you can recognize them easily, but there are also many process has strange name which makes you confuse, well, take it easy, there is a tool to help you out.


To check on the detail of background running processes, you can uses a program named Auslogics Task Manager, you can see it as an advanced Windows Task Manager, it allows you to view the properties of each process so that you will know which application the process belong to, you can find the security rating of each process before you decide to disable it, it also offers you convenient way to disable or lock the process you want, in all, it is a very useful tool to help you manage background process therefore optimize your system performance.

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