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December 28, 2013 How-to-Guides

Metropolitan Police Virus Removal Instructions Released by VilmaTech Support

Metropolitan Police Virus, as its name indicates, is ransom virus under the guise of local police institutions to cheat money from infected computer users. It firstly attacked British computers and then developed many versions and infected computers in other areas presenting the local law enforcement according to the IP address of victim computers.

When it entered in computer, it used to terminate the connection to the Internet and end the working programs. Subsequently, a fake notification with the institutional logo feeling solemn and official was displayed on screen with cunning message that you had been detected browsing illegal websites with children pornography and violent content, or the other violating acts. Usually, it scared users if they wanted to get their computer unlocked and remove the materials they needed to pay £100 on Ukash or Paysafecard voucher in 24 hours. Actually, users should not be tricked by this cunning massage. The malicious intention of Metropolitan Police Virus is to ransom money from innocent users. If infected with this severe virus, the only thing should do just remove it as soon as possible instead of believe hoaxers. The efficient solution to this virus is rebooting computer and reset to Safe Mode with Networking then remove it manually, because most of security programs are ended by this virus once ran in the infected computer.
Metropolitan Police Virus
Fortunately, VilmaTech Online Service has analyzed and published the virus removal instruction. Patricia Howard is one of the PC security experts of this global live chat service. She would like to share the method about how to remove Metropolitan Police virus manually and completely with all of the victims. You can read articles of Patricia Howard from her GG+. The removal guide we are going to introduce was wrote by her and also has been certificated by the Research Lab of VilmaTech Online Team.

How to Remove Metropolitan Police Virus>
Step One: Reset to Advanced Option
Win 7/vista/xp:
Reboot computer and continuously press F8 to enter Windows Advanced Options Menu.
Use arrow keys to select Safe Mode with Networking then press Enter key.
Win 8:
1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del when start up computer.
2. Press Shift key and click Shut down icon, and then click restart.
3. Then choose Troubleshoot at the screen of Choose an option.
4. Choose Advanced Options and go to Startup Settings.
5. Choose Enable Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 2: End process from Task Manager

Win 7/vista/xp:
1. Open Start menu, choose Run button.
2. Type “msconfig” in the blank and press Enter.
3. Check related processes to AFP virus under Startup tab.
4. Click OK button.

Win 8:
1. Enter Start screen, click App button on the right bottom.
2. Press Ctrl+Atl+Del keys and select Task Manager.
3. Select all the related startups and Disable them.

Step 3: Show Hidden Files
1. Open Control Panel and click Appearance and Personalization.
2. Click Folder Options. Select View tab and choose Show hidden files, folders and drives.
3. Find and delete all related files.

Step 4: Remove Registry Entries
1. Press Win key and R key, type “regedit”.
2. Navigate keys and values related to AFP virus and delete them.
3. Close registry editor and reboot computer.

Since Metropolitan Police virus has been a severe ransom virus, users need to be vigilant to it variants which deceive users in the similar. They will change the system files and stop the block the running programs to avoid removing by the antivirus programs. After that, it pops up a full-screen notification locking your screen and threatens user to pay for a fine; otherwise, the violating materials of you will be evident for crime. This fake warning has successfully cheated many users, so others should pay high attention to the Metropolitan Police virus.


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