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January 24, 2014 How-to-Guides

VilmaTech Tips: How to Remove Browser Hijacker Virus

About Virus

If you find your home page of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is taken place by a website addressed, you must be infected with virus. virus is recognized as redirect virus or browser hijacker which is able to redirect you to homepage and modify your search provider to another suspicious one. If you find your browser has the above symptoms, you should remove the hijacked virus immediately; otherwise you will get more trouble with it. homepage appears on your start page when you open you browser or a new tab. In many cases, virus will modified your default search engine to another suspicious malicious one which added on your browser without permission. This modification is related to pesky search providers such as Conduit search and Ask search, both of which are considered malicious search engines altering and infiltrating your search results. You must have found that more commercial ads about local products and services are showed at the top, and annoying pop-ups are constantly bothering your web life. What’s worse is that has the malicious trait that can download unwanted applications on computer without your consent. Besides that, it is possible to link you to malicious websites containing illegal contents and compromised by Trojans, worms and spyware. In this way, your browsing habit is traced by its vicious cookies and your personal data may be leaked to third-party or adware. The performance of infected computers gets bad and connection traffic is heavier with redirection. Virus may get onto computer in following means. installs on browser when you browse open some malicious websites by accident. It may be embedded with PUP (potential unwanted program). Once you download those free PUPs from third-party offer, you may tacitly approve the temper. Another possible way is that you have been infected with malware and then virus came along with that. No matter how your computer got the hijacked virus, the primary thing is to remove it. However, some victims responded that they can’t remove completely, and when they open they browser the still on their homepage. Due to there is no programs can detect this browser hijacker, victims need to use manual method instead.
Note: the manual method may be a little complicated for inexperienced computer users, so if you can handle it please ask help from Vilmatech PC Support Center.

How to Remove Manually

1. Clear Cookies


a. Click on orange Firefox button and choose Options on the Options menu.

b. In Options window, choose Privacy tab. Click remove individual cookie in the middle.

c. Click all Remove All Cookies on pop-up message.


Click customized button and choose History.

In history window, choose clear browsing data.

In popping window, check delete cookies and other site and plug-in data. Then click browsing data button.


Open Tools menu and choose Delete Browsing History.

Check Cookies and website data item. Then click Delete button.

2. Reset Browser


Click on orange Firefox button and choose Options on the Options menu.
In Options window, type the home page address and click on Restore as default, and then click OK button.

Go back to Firefox toolbar and find search provider dropdown menu. Click Manage Search Enhines.

Remove unwanted search engines and choose one you want. Click OK button to finish.


Click customized button and choose Settings.
In showing window, click on Show advanced settings at the bottom.

Click on set page with underline to reset start page for your Chrome.

Click on change page with underline to reset home page for your Chrome.
Click on Mange Search Engines to remove unwanted engines and set one for Chrome.


Click Tool icon and choose Manage Add-ons option.
Click Search provider to remove unwanted engines and choose a new one for IE.

Click on Tool icon again and choose Internet Options.
In showing window, type a homepage address for IE. Click OK.

3. Remove Leftovers

Press Windows + R key at the some time to open Run box.
Type “regedit” in the search blank and press Enter.
Navigate the registry under Firefox, Chrome and IE keys. Delete the values.

Conclusion virus is a malicious browser hijacker which profits by sponsor links and commercial pop-ups. It install on users’ browser stealthily without any notification. It cause a series mess to browser including tampering with homepage and search engines to and its related search provider, which is aimed at collecting information of users’ browsing habit, search query and online shopping history to ad-support programs. However, this data collecting technology is based on tracing cookies which is easy to be utilized by hackers to access to your kernel system to steal your financial data for scam. For these reason, users should remove virus by following our removal instruction. On the other hand, users need to learn how to avoid this kind of virus.

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