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February 16, 2014 How-to-Guides

Video guide: Downgrade your Panda Global Protection 2014

Uninstalling the entire Panda Global Protection 2014 out of COMPUTER might always a headache for a lot of computer users when it expired or there exists something wrong with the existing version. If you still have this problem, don’t worry! With the particular instructions below, you may completely remove and uninstall Panda Global Protection 2014. Hit here to get details. Pay a visit to’s help desk

The normal way
1) Just click Start, go to Add/Remove Plans within Control Panel.
3) Highlight Panda Global Protection 2014 and then click Remove to start off the removal.

Note: Sometimes, this method above does not really give you a clean removal, for some related version or registry items could be still left behind. So some actions are nevertheless necessary to be taken up ensure you a complete removal:
1. Check whether we have a folder or associated folder referred to as C: \Program Files\Panda Global Protection 2014. If you are, directly delete it from your computer.
a couple of. Go to Start, run, type ” Regedit” inside the search box, and then press ” Enter” to reach Registry Editor. Here, please check whether where you will find two items like these types of. If there are, directly remove them from your computer:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/ as well as

But it isn’t recommended to manually remove Panda Global Protection 2014 for it always combines so well with the computer. If it can be incompletely or incorrectly removed, serious problem like system crashes may happen. So I highly recommend that one could remove it with a few professional uninstaller. You can potentially uninstall it and varieties of unneeded programs easily:

Second, on auto-pilot uninstall
1) Function the uninstall tool.
2) Highlight Panda Global Protection 2014 on its key interface.
3) Next click ” Uninstall” button and then ” Next” to start off the removal.

You may wonder easily cannot find the program inside the display list, how you can remove Panda Global Protection 2014 from my personal computer? Don’t worry; with the ” Force Uninstall” operate, you can easily finish the same job: locate where the program is put on your hard drive, and then right click the folder to pick ” Force Uninstall”. This option lets you forcibly uninstall it.

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