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April 21, 2014 How-to-Guides

Remove Redirect Virus Completely(Hijacker Removal) was found to be a awful browser hijacker infected the targeted computer without a sign, most of the users could not detect the infection in the first place until they suddenly notice their favorite homepage had been replaced into the without permission. However, there were still a mass of innocent users could not realize the unsolicited hijacker was detrimental for the computer system and themselves, so they did not do anything to stop the purposive redirect virus from hijacking the default browser homepage, and they even used the for searching. Under this circumstance, the would be able to redirect the users to any website it wanted. For this case, users would be put in unforeseen danger. Once the users were transferred to some fraud sites released by evil cybercriminals who always planned to make ill-gotten money from the innocent victims, the consequences would be disastrous, and the users could encounter irreparable losses. So, the best solution is to remove hijacker with the help of professional guide.

Reset the Browser Settings

Internet Explorer

Click on the Tools from the browser menu bar then click on the Internet Options from the list. Locate the Advanced tab then click on the Reset button.

Mozilla Firefox

Open the Firefox menu then move the cursor to Help and choose the Troubleshooting Information, click on the Reset Firefox button on the displayed page.

Google Chrome

Click on the wrench icon on the top right corner then click on the Settings from the list. Find and click on the Show Advanced Settings link then click on the Reset Browser Settings button.

Remove the related programs from the System

1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu then click on the Uninstall a Program under the Programs headline.

2. In the displayed programs list, search for all the related programs of virus then select them and click on the Uninstall on top column.

3. Follow the uninstall prompt to remove virus completely.

Remove the Files of from the Computer

1. Reset the folder properties to show up all the remaining files of virus in the computer.
Open the Control Panel-> click on Appearance and Personalization link-> click on Folder Options link-> click on View tab-> select Show hidden files and folders-> remove the check mark from the Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)-> click on OK button to save the settings.
2. Remove the files of virus without hesitation.

Dealing with the tricky virus like the requires certain experiences and skills. As most of the users could not detect the infection in time, missed the best time to remove the virus and ended in terrible consequences. So, users have to learn to prevent the virus attacks effectively. Because most of the unwanted malware and virus are coming from bundled downloads, once the users downloaded this kind of trap download from unknown websites, especially for those frees sites or sharing sites, the cunning virus would get the chance to infect the computer secretly. If you need more professional instructions about the virus prevention, please feel free to make a contact with the QiSupport PC expert Olivia Hill, and ask her for further help.

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