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May 6, 2014 How-to-Guides

ULINK Device Driver Problem – No USB Device Found


ULINK/ ULINK USB Interface simulator/ ULINK adapter is a multi-function ARM debugging tool. It connects target system via JTAG or CODS port. Without ULINK device driver, it is not capable of simulating or downloading programs.

Nowadays, the computer becomes much smarter and easier to use. People do not have to install all the drivers so as to make the equipped hardware work. However, some applications that are not widely used or not that basic to run a machine, their drivers should be installed.

ULINK Device Driver Problem

The commonly seen ULINK driver problems occur when installing, while some are caused by out-of-date driver and incompatibility. Error message like “No USB Device Found” or something is out of work would be triggered.
ULINK not found error


Where to Find ULINK Device Driver?

Access Device Manager and click on Hardware on the left pane; select Human Interface Devices and you will spot ULINK driver.

human interface devices

How to Check the Status of ULINK Driver

  1. check if ULINK2 adapter is connected properly.
    a. Access Device Manager to locate ULINK adapter.
    b. Right click on it to select “Property”.
    c. Under General tab to locate the status box to check if ULINK is connected properly.
  2. check if ULINK adapter is out of date
    a. Also access Device Manager to locate ULINK adapter.
    b. See if there’s yellow mark next to it.
    c. Also recall if you have updated the corresponding hardware or operating system recently.


Steps to Troubleshoot ULINK Not Found Problem

1.    use troubleshoot functionality in Device Manager.

  • Right click on “My Computer”/”Computer” to select “Device Manager”.
  • Locate ULINK adapter under Hardware > Human Interface Devices.
  • Right click on it to select “Property”.
  • Under General tab to locate the status box.
  • See that “Troubleshoot” button followed the box? Press on it to automatically troubleshoot ULINK not found problem.
    ULINK_usbdriver troubleshooter

2.    if you did update the corresponding hardware or operating system recently, please update ULINK adapter.

  • Press down Win key and R key together to get a Run box.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter key to access Device Manager.
  • Right click on ULINK under Hardware > Human Interface Devices to select “Update Driver”.
  • Allow the process to be completed automatically.

3. uninstall ULINK driver and reinstall it.

  • Disconnect ULINK and download the installation file from reputable website.
  • Reboot the Computer.
  • When the desktop shows, please connect ULINK.
  • Your computer will automatically prompt up dialog and ask you to install ULINK driver; if not, please open the Windows Device Manager (using Start – Control Panel – System – Hardware – Device Manager) to access Universal Serial Bus controllers and select the one named ULINK or just USB Device to update it.

4. if you still can’t figure out the reason for the ULINK not found problem, please download Driver Detective (effective product from to automatically analyze the reason for you and troubleshoot the problem without bothering your work on the machine.

driver start_download

  • Press the Start Download button to save or run the pop-up installation window.
  • If you get save option, please press down Ctrl+J key combination to get the download list.
  • When the download is completed; then find DriverFixApp.exe and click open it to run.
  • Follow on-screen instruction to finish the set up.


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