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July 21, 2014 How-to-Guides

How to Remove Browser Hijacker (Vilmatech How to Guide) Review is a website offering search service to everything including images, videos, shopping maps and more. Though users can’t see any malicious trait on its simple and neat interface, it is a browser hijacker indeed. Users don’t know why they always redirected to when they try to open new tabs or click on the search results. In fact, browser hijacker has taken over your browser when you realizes that. hijack virus is able to modify your original settings including home page, start-up page, search engine. DNS settings, load time threshold and more, which tries to monitor your browser and change your browsing history. Powered by an unsafe search engine, may show you unwanted websites in search engine, some of which are its sponsored links that it make profits and various commercial ads. Those search result may be associated with illegal SEO and may not link users to desirable sites but cause redirection. Besides, it will be a threat to your browser security since it has changed and damage the browser defense to malware that the infected browser is under risks. Moreover, it may contain tracing cookies and other hack tools that can access to users’ personal data, and steal privacy and monitor your browsing habit.

However, how does it enter browser without users’ knowledge? hijack virus can spread by freeware and shareware. It can be bundled with unsafe adware, browser plug-ins, and any free applications with poor protection. When users download and install those programs, virus can sneak into system and create its code. Due to its cunning trait, it may change its name to a normal file in the installation process so that security can’t pick it up and there is no notification about its resident. Beyond that, it can be distributed by malicious websites, compromised websites, Trojan, virus, spyware and other cyber threats.

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How to Remove Manually

Step One:

Access to Control Panel and choose “Uninstall a program”. Choose programs related to such as Groovorio Toolbar, and then click Uninstall/Change button.

Step Two:


Open Tools menu and choose Mange Add-on, and then choose Toolbars and Extensions. Select Groovorio Toolbar and choose Disable.
Open Tools menu again and choose Internet Options. Choose Advanced tab and click on Reset button. And click on Reset in next window.


Open Firefox menu and choose Add-on and then choose Extensions. Select Groovorio Toolbar and choose Remove.
Open the menu again and choose Help and Troubleshooting Information. Click on Reset Firefox and the same in pop-up window.


Open Chrome menu and choose Extensions. Select Groovorio Toolbar and click bin image to remove it.
Click on Settings tab in current window and then click on “show advanced settings”. Click on Reset Browser Settings. Check related items and click on Reset.

Step Tree:

Access to Run Box or open Start menu and type in “regedit”. Navigate the HKEY and delete all keys and values related to

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Conclusion has been classified as browser hijacker. This nasty domain is trying to take your browser under its control regardless of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. As a typical browser hijacker, can detect the current browser and distribute its code accordingly. Default settings including homepage, search engine and more are modified without any consent. Users should not be tricked by the website and remove it as soon as possible. If you find difficulty in removal, follow manual removal guide from VilmaTech Online Experts or chat with technicians for help.

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