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August 18, 2014 IT News

The famous Twitter controversy: Microservices vs. Monolithic

Currently, the service-oriented architecture has become the first choice of large-scale applications in his new era. So does this mean the demise of a single module software? The answer is clearly no, the well-known websites Etsy is exactly using a single module design ideas. Here, let’s check the debate on these two modes on Twitter.

There has always been disagreements between Microservices and Monolithic project idea selection.Which one is actually conform to the new era application needs such as real-time and agile? Here we see the summary to the recent “Microservices App vs. Monolithic App” controversy on Twitter by Todd Hoff, the founder of HighScalability.

There was a famous tweets debate, the subject is the “Consensus Best Way to Structure Systems”. The two sides are Microservices App competition and Monolithic App.
Under the Microservices flag there are two giants Netflix and ThougtWorks, the advocates are Adrian Cockcroft and Mr. Sam Newman. While Etsy was waving the Monolithic flag, and its advocate is Mr. John Allspaw.
In addition, the Warriors from the Digital Ocean Kingdom and some other independent regions also appear in this controversy. Debate winner will receive “a high degree of attention by developers and will be favored by lucky goddess.”
There are many discussions on these two models, but it seems no one have ever pinched the key point. Perhaps one day there may be a similar debate will continue. Here let’s talk about why you need this debate.
Monolithic APP is considered as an Anti-Pattern
Etsy development, deployment and integration forum writes: “Every day at Etsy there are about 150 engineers deploying single Monolithic application for over sixty times.” “All the required logic both in a” Monolithic applications Unit “(a jar, a application, a resource library).
As a company, Etsy is highly successful, Etsy is not a small site, in February 2013, Etsy has: 1.49 billion page views, 169 theme sold, 94.7 million worth of goods sold more than 22 million products, over 8 million active shops.
Etsy also demonstrates that how to build a good site via the correct way of doing things: the continuing integration; each team develops an VMs on average; button-style arrangement; good monitoring; developers develops site in the very first day; GitHub; Chef; control publish and management by IRC; dashboard; do not use source control branch, always effectively deployed in the main branch. So, why does Etsy still using Monolithic? This suspicion is because Monolithic application is using Anti-Pattern.

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