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August 5, 2014 Shopping Tips

The Top Ten Cafe in New York City

Making the world quiet down just need a cup of coffee. Coffee lovers are looking for the best cafe over the world every day. Beyond coffee itself, the environment, service, location also have an effect on the evaluation to a cafe. Nevertheless, it is hard to vote the best one in New York City. So, synthesizing every factors, there are ten top cafe standing out.

1.DTUT Coffee

The Upper East side is considered the paradise for coffee. Though almost every block has a Starbuck in the Upper East side, it doesn’t threat to the business of DUTU Coffee. Besides tasty latte, tea, and other coffee drinks, DUTU is also a bar that you can buy sandwich, wine, beer and cocktail. The sofa here is soft, but there is no wifi on weekend.
Location: 1744 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128

2.Blue Bird Coffee

Blue Bird Coffee will be the best choice for brunch and afternoon tea. The shop is not so big but the environment and atmosphere are so great. The famous blogger Patrick Janelle is the frequenter of Blue Bird Coffee. The iconic blue cup and the good latte or cappuccino can make you feel relaxed. And you won’t miss the kinds of dessert and the afternoon meal here, especially avocado toast.
Location: 72 E 1st St., New York, NY, 10002

3.Think Coffee

Think Coffee is a chain coffee store. It can always search the best coffee beans from the world and footprint from the Africa to South of America. Thank to the good quality of its coffee, there are more Think Coffee stores in New York.

4.Saturday Surf Coffee

Yes, this is a coffee shop about surf. There are not only coffee but also surf boards, books, art works and men’s clothing. Don’t forget the other word “Saturday”. It looks like your grandma’s garden and you can be free like on Saturdays.

5.The Queens Kickshaw

The sandwich here is supposed to be one of the most delicious sandwich in New York City. The coffee is also best here. Ordering a cup of hot coco and a piece of dessert, you can stay in Queens Kickshaw for a day long. Wifi is available before noon.
Location: 40-17 Broadway Astoria, NY, 11103

6.The Chipped Cup

The Chipped Cup locates at the updown and it is not big, but the service and atmosphere can definitely offset the shortage of the space. The lovely posters, elaborated coffee, yummy dessert and charming cups make The Chipped Cup popular. Wifi is free.
Location: 3610 Broadway New York NY, 10031

7.Stumptown Coffee Roaster

The shop is divided into two parts. There is a regular-size coffee house in the front part, where sets fixed coffee machine and offers espresso, drip coffee and more. The latter part is coffee bar. Customers can talk to coffee makers freely.
Location: 30 W 8th St., New York, NY 10011

8.Parlor Coffee

Parlor Coffee is opened last year. It is run by Stumptown and Blue Bottle, so coffee is good due to the advantages of the two great coffee shops. The espresso shots are thought to be the best in New York and it can be taken out, so the shop is busy regardless of on weekends or weekdays.
Location: 84 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, New York

9.Intelligentsia Coffee

The world-class espresso of Intelligentsia has conquered the tongue of many many coffee lovers! The delicate decoration and the fragrant coffee flavor make it the first choice for coffee lovers.

10.Roogla Coffee

Roogla Coffee is a young coffee store but hit by people for its high quality coffee. From the beans to the machines, Roogla choose all the best to make coffee. The its coffee is known for the silky taste and strong flavor.
Location: 180 Smith St., Brooklyn, New York

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