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August 4, 2014 How-to-Guides

Troubleshoot Speedbit Video Accelerator removal problem on Windows

Why users chose to get rid of Speedbit Video Accelerator?

  • This speedbit Company installs (with video accelerator software)all kinds of spyware and toolbars on my own computer, very difficult to clean them and I used many programs to get rid of the changes.
  • I have no idea if it helped, nothing seemed to change. HOWEVER speedbit did change my search settings and was terribly difficult to remove. I THINK I have removed it with REVO, we will see. CNET, HOW could you give this program any stars?? REMOVE IT FROM CNET!
  • Everything!

    I concur with the review by Robertkm49. This software is nothing but a hijacker of your browser!

    I use several plug-ins (namely the awesome page for Chrome)and since installing this vile piece of software I haven’t been able to get my browser to open with ‘Awesome’ any more.

    Firstly it hijacks the home page, then it changes the default search so your always using their own!

    And I further concur that this software is a nightmare to remove! I have spent 4 days now trying to get my browser back as it was. I have uninstalled this tripe, and run 3 – yes THREE different Mallware removers on it (including my favourite Hijack this!) and the search change is still in the list within Chrome’s settings and I still can’t get my home page to be my original. Somewhere along the lines this invasive piece of filth has changed settings that I don’t know how to change back!

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