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September 15, 2014 IT News

Apple Pay would lead a new payment revolution

Apple held a Apple new product conference in the United States Tino Cooper City Flint Theatre. The the protagonists of this conference is the two iPhone 6 and Apple Watch smart watches. After watching the conference some Apple fans start jokes that after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s surprise given less and less. Some people think the biggest highlight of the conference is the NFC-based Apple Pay mobile payment capabilities, this new kind of payment method is expected to have some impact to the traditional method of payment, and usher in a new era of mobile payments.

Speaking of NFC, many of us are still very unfamiliar, NFC’s full name is “Near Field Communication”, which is a form of wireless communication, it can make information and data transfer between two different devices, users can simulate the phones as credit cards, bus cards, shopping cards, allowing users to pay directly with phone.

It is reported that the Apple Pay payment system operation that Apple introduced is very simple, as long as the iPhone users close to the card reader, users can complete the payment. After the payment is complete, the phone will emit a slight vibration to remind the reader that he has successfully read user payment information.

In the big wave of mobile Internet, it is undeniable that mobile payment will be a future trend of payment. Although Apple is not the first manufacturer to enter the mobile space, but it’s impact on the industry has been no doubt ranking the first place. Some people say that when Apple chose to do one thing, the entire industry will begin to stir, readying to follow and copy it.

Industry analysts believe that now is a good time for Apple to enter the mobile payment, as the development of the current mobile payments has reached a critical point, many old cash registers of businesses have to be replaced, Apple is expected to quickly penetrate into the field of mobile payments with its high popularity and market share, and change people’s payment habits, just like what the original iPhone did.

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