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September 28, 2014 IT News

Microsoft introduced a new hardware accessories: wireless Miracast receiver


Microsoft today announced a new hardware accessories: Wireless Display Adapter, (or called Miracast receiver), which it can wirelessly put the whole picture on computer, tablet, phone to big screen by Miracast technology once connected to the HDMI TV or on the screen.

This accessory supports Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, and Android 4.2.1 and above systems equipment which are compatible with Miracast, also supports Surface 2 but does not support the Surface RT, Microsoft will launch supporting applications in the Windows applications store.

Earlier this month, Microsoft also announced a similar Miracast receiver accessories when introducing the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830: Microsoft screen sharing equipment.

The wireless display adapter is considered to be a new product particularly produced by Microsoft to against Google’s Chromecast, but it is much simpler design than the latter. Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter seems simply a “mirror projection” which means that no matter what contents of the small screen on the device, this accessory will transferred directly to big-screen devices.

The wireless display adapter can provide great convenience for those who usually go out and make presentations , users no longer need to perform complex connection, as long as the device is properly connected it can be used normally.

As a replacement of Chromecast, Miracast is a cool to connect Android tablet or phone to a television which is transmission efficiency-oriented. Chromecasts needs a Wi-Fi router as an intermediate to connect two devices; Miracast, which uses a technology called Wi-Fi Direct, without router, only need a laptop, mobile phone or tablet which compatible with WiFi function.

Microsoft’s wireless Miracast receiver has accepted reservations in North America, officially listed in October, the price is $ 59.95.

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