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September 11, 2014 Computer Knowledge, How-to-Guides

More tips on optimizing your browsing experience

Tip 1: Disable RSS feeds
If you didn’t subscribe to any RSS feeds on other website, then the RSS Feeds feature of Internet Explorer is useless for you for sure. If you do subscribed to some feeds, I bet the tool you are using is something like Google Reader, which means RSS feeds of IE browser is still useless. The fact is, RSS feeds features of Internet Explorer could slow down the browser when it is turned on, well, why not disable this useless feature to ensure a better browser performance?

  • Open IE browser, go to Tools > Internet Options > Content tab
  • Click on Settings in the Feeds and Web Slices section, uncheck every option in the section.


  • Click OK button to apply the change and then restart the browser.



Tip 2: Turn off ClearType
In the Internet Explorer 8 version, there is a features technology named ClearType which is used for making fonts in the browser sharp so that deliver a better and more comfortable fonts reading experience on LCD screens. Sounds like a good feature isn’t it? There is a big down side of this feature, which is that it can sometimes affect the browsing speed (your browser performance) negatively, which is to say, if you found your browser respond very slow, you can try to disable this feature, simply follow the below steps

  • Open your IE browser, go to Tools > Internet Options


  • Go to Advanced Tab
  • In the section of Multimedia, dis-select the option of Always Use ClearType for HTML


  • Click OK to finish the setting and restart your browser.

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