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October 27, 2014 PC how-to

8 tips to prevent computer crashes


1. DO NOT use those origin-unknown soft disk and CD-ROM, for software attached in E-mail, use KV300 or Rising or any other anti-virus software to check before you download it, so if you careless about virus daily protection, after infection, it’s definitely a system crash waiting for you.

2. When the application software is not finished properly, do not turn off the power, otherwise it will cause the system files corrupted or missing, even more, causing the automatic start or crash when running. it is extremely important for Windows98 / 2000 / NT these system.

3. if there is a warning message appears “whether cover the file?” when installing the application, the best choice is choose not to cover. Because usually the current system files are the best, you can not decide whether to cover the current files or not according to the time order(unless you are very obsessed about the time of the file).

4. When you uninstall a software, do not delete the shared files because some shared files may be shared by the system or other programs, once you delete these files, they’ll probably make the application software can not be started, or a system crash.

5. You’d better minimize the use of beta software, because the beta or test version is not stable enough, in certain cases it will make the system unbootable.

6. Try not to use pirate software because there are a large number of viruses hidden in those software, once you implement pirate software, it will automatically modify your system and drag the system into crashes during operation, then this situation will spend your time to find out and kill those malware.

7.During hard disk checking with antivirus software, in order to prevent system crashes do not run other applications.
8.When setting up the hardware, it is best to check for IRQ, do not let other devices to use this IRQ, or it’ll cause IRQ conflicts, so that crash the system.

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