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October 27, 2014 How-to-Guides , ,

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The Best Ways to Back Up Your Data


There are a lot of things that can make your computer slow. Some of them are pretty harmless, but some have the potential to ruin your PC. I’m talking about things like hardware faults and virus attacks. And some of the incorrectly applied speed-up techniques, especially registry hacks, can also kill your PC. I bet you’re thinking that it won’t happen to you because you have good hardware, the “right” drivers, and a good anti-virus. And I bet you are careful when it comes to tweaking. It’s good that you are so confident, but I can tell you that the “Nah, it won’t happen to me” attitude is no good. Because one day it will. Are you comfortable about losing all your files, photos, music, videos and all your programs, including the ones you paid for? No? Well, then you should start backing up your computer today.

Backing up is something we know we should do, but never actually get round to. There are always more important and more ex-citing things we want to do. And one day disaster comes.

I was in my last year at college when it happened to me. There I was, writing my thesis on my laptop. It was a pretty old laptop, but it still worked OK. I finished writing for the day and went out. The next day the laptop refused to boot no matter how hard I tried – the hard drive had died and all my work perished with it. Thankfully, I had some chapters saved on a flash drive and some bits and pieces were in my email Sent box. Most importantly, I had plenty of time to restore what I could and write the rest all over again. My thesis was reborn from the ashes, but everything else that was stored on that laptop was gone for good. You see, I never bothered to create a backup. So all my papers and PDF books, all my software, all my photos, and all my financial documents were gone. That’s what I call a disaster and it took me ages to sort everything out. It happened to me, and one day it will happen to you.

So, what are the best ways to back up your data? The answer is it doesn’t really matter as long as you diversify. The more backups you have, the better. Here is a backup plan for you to follow:

1. Configure System Restore

2. Create a disk image

3. Use an external hard drive

4. Create automatic online backups

5. Visit here for a maintenance tool

Let’s have a closer look at these options and create some backups before we proceed with optimizing and tweaking your PC. Moreover, bloated installation could cause huge harm to your privacy, your PC’s security and performance. Learn how to avoid and fix such annoyances effectively, when you’re new to Internet.

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