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December 9, 2014 IT News

Microsoft released a new Cortana update to developers: adding French, Italian and other languages

Microsoft Cortana voice assistant is going to visit more countries, and can apply to more languages.

Microsoft plans to release the update Preview for Microsoft Windows Phone Developer at local time Friday, Cortana voice assistant will support French, Italian, German and Spanish.

But the ordinary version does not yet support the new language for the Windows Phone 8.1 users. After all,the Alpha version of the update is only available for the developer preview version user to develop a subscription and for testing.

The purpose of Microsoft’s Alpha version Cortana voice assistant service update is to encourage Windows Phone developers to use the new added language to communicate with Cortana in order to strengthen Cortana’s conversation skills. Marcus Ash, Cortana team project manager said, specifically, developers only need to use the new language to chat with Cortana, it will automatically expand its skills.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced Cortana voice assistant in Windows Phone 8.1, it would be a response or challenge of Microsoft to Apple’s Siri, and Google Google Now voice assistant, However, Cortana’s current language skills still can not match Siri or Google Now.

Currently, Siri supports about ten different languages, covering 15 different countries, including France, Germany, Japan, Italy and South Korea. Google Now currently supports about 52 different languages. In contrast, Cortana official version only supports American English, British English and Chinese.

In the field of mobile operating system, Windows Phone’s current share of the global market share is less than 3%, which still far away from Google Android and Apple iOS systems. Thus increasing Cortana language support will be a way to improve Windows Phone handsets worldwide sales. And according to Marcus Ash, based on Windows Phone user feedback, Cortana expand availability in other countries has also been a top request.

However, if you want to use the new language immediately to chat with Cortana , you must have the ability to be registered as a Microsoft Windows Phone developer, download and install the developer preview version application.

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