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August 4, 2015 PC how-to

How to remove Bizrate from computer

There are moethods to remove Bizrate from computer. Usually, you can remove
programs and unwanted softwares from windows by using the function of Programs and
Features. If you have installed professional tool like max uninstaller, you can
make a full scan and remove the selected programs with your need on the pc.

Uninstall Bizrate in Porgrams and Features

1> Press ” Windows” to open the Start Screen. Enter”Programs and Features” in the
blank> select “Settings”> “Programs and Features”. Or you can open the icon of ” My
computer” to go through ” Programs and Features”.

2> A window prompts when you click “Programs and Features”. Scroll down the list
and select Bizrate program and leftovers to delete.

3> Select “Uninstall” or ” Uninstall/ Change” from the toolbar. Or you can right
click Bizrate app in the list and then click “Uninstall” or ” Uninstall /Change”.
Normally, there is a message prompts to guide you to uninstall the program. When
uninstalling some other programs, there is popping up its a website to leave your
comments for the programs that stating why you want to uninstall the programs.

You could restart your computer when you have the uninstallation done. If you have
more then more programs to remove, please follow the above steps to delete them.

Uninstalling Bizrate with Max Uninstaller

1> Update your Max Uninstaller to the latest version. Launch Max Uninstaller and
select the programs you want to analyze and then click ” Run analysis “on the left
bottom of the main interface.

2> Scan the selected Bizrate with Max Uninstaller and click the “Complete
Uninstall” button on the left bottom of the main interface.

3> Click “Delete leftovers” button to finish the process.

It is adviced that you exit the Bizrate program while scanning and uninstalling
it.After your delete the program, you’d better to restart the Max Uninstaller and
scan all the programs again to confimr the uninstallation of Bizrate.

In addition to the above two methods, you can reset your web browser’s setting and
restore the changes that may cause by the malware on your computer by apply the ”
Internet Options” dialog. Thanks for reading.

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