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November 12, 2015 IT News

Facebook officially released Notify

News service becomes a hot topic in Internet industry in 2015. Facebook introduced the news app that integrated into Flagship app. Now, Facebook released its independent mobile news app Notify.

At present, Facebook priors to launch the iOS version of Notify. The American users can download this mobile news app there. Facebook will launch the Android version of Notify in the near future.


It made a great surprise in news industry that Facebook launched the news app. Facebook will provide the one-stop, fluent experience for users to browse news. In addition, the news presses can benefit 70% of Facebook’s shared Ad revenues by providing it the news content.

Apple also developed its Apple News following the release of Facebook’s news app. It applies the same operating mode for shared ad revenues as Facebook does.

Facebook’s news app is becoming mature. It begins with importing news from other presses to has its own independent App. Facebook has flexibility in mobile news business.

It named the app as “Notify” and the news app will notify its users when there are unexpected news and interesting content coming.

Notify supports overall length reading, its users can browse them directly or switch to other traditional media websites.

Users can customize their interesting news categories as the other news apps do,   receive the notice concern sports, local weather to their mobile interface by setting. Users can temporary save some news for reading that news later.

Notify as the independent news app, it can be upgraded frequently without impacting its users.

News business is the major part for Facebook in 2015. Facebook recruited Anne Kornblut from Washington Post this September. She was awarded the Pulizer Journalism Prizes. She will be in charge of enhancing the Notify’s content, and improving the relationships between the traditional presses.

Apple, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram also introduced the related content for news app by following Facebook. They wish to collect more valuable and brief news for reading among thousands of original posts.

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