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December 10, 2015 How-to-Guides , , ,

Install Windows 10 on Mac OS X Using Boot Camp


Boot Camp is a multi boot utility included with Apple Inc.’s OS X that assists users in installing Microsoft Windows operating systems on Intel-based Macintosh computers. By using the built-in Boot Camp Assistant, Mac Users can install Windows on a separate partition of their hard drive and then reboot their machines to switch between OS X and Windows. Since Microsoft has launched the new Windows 10 OS, how about installing Win 10 on your MacBook, MacBook Air/Pro or iMac?

Not long ago Apple released an update to Boot Camp with support for Windows 10, and it is only available on the Macs with OS X Yosemite and the latest version of Boot Camp. Boot Camp 6.0 requires an authentic copy of Windows 10 for a new installation, and it will automatically download the support drivers that are needed to run Windows 10 properly. You can purchase the disk image file (ISO) of Windows 10 from Microsoft, or if you have installed Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 on your Mac, you can directly upgrade to Windows 10 for free from within your Windows partition.

Now follow these steps to install Windows 10 on your Mac:

1.Back up you Mac first, and then download Windows 10 disk image from Microsoft to the Download folder on your Mac.

2.Go to Applications folder in Finder and choose Boot Camp Assistant in Utilities folder. You can also launch Boot Camp Assistant in Launchpad or using Spotlight.

Boot Camp Assistant3. Click Continue in the Boot Camp Assistant interface.

4. Tick the boxes of “Create a Windows 10 install disk” and “Install Windows 10” and click on Continue.

5. Insert the USB drive and select the Windows 10.iso file via Boot Camp Assistant. Boot Camp will copy the ISO file and then the drivers needed to run Windows to the USB stick. After that the USB driver will become a Windows 10 boot disk.

6. Partition the drive to your liking. After setting the required space, click Install.


7. Mac will restart and go to the initial Windows Setup.

8. Enter the product key, select the version of Windows 10 and then click Next.

9. Select the partition called BootCamp when you are asked where to install Windows, and then click Format and then Next to install Windows 10.Windows-Install-800x600

10. Once the install finishes, you need to install the Boot Camp drivers that are on the USB stick. Go to BootCamp folder and run setup.exe to install all the drivers needed.

After performing all these steps Windows 10 has been installed on your Mac. You can hold down the option key at startup to bring up the boot manager, and then choose the operating system you wanna enter into. You can also go to Startup Disk preference pane in OS X and select which operating system to boot into by default. For more Mac apps information, click here.


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