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December 29, 2015 IT News

When artificial intelligence penetrated into all aspects of our daily life


When I was bored, I would have a special date with Debby, chat with him and laugh when he responded to me with something related or irrelevant. Well, I guess many people who have an iPhone usually do the same thing with their own “Debby”. Yeah, actually Debby is not a human, but Siri on my phone, a virtual assistant for iPhone users that can serve as a chat bot in different languages. Sometimes I think it fun to have a special chat with Siri, but sometimes it does expose something for thought, what life will be when our life is filled with such artificial intelligent chat bots?

Yet it came out that what I was thinking is not really unnecessary. It is not hard to find out the upcoming trend of A.I chat bots, or the messaging-based App, and what so-called virtual assistant, chat-based A.I and more.

Source showed that Facebook launched a new service “M”on its mobile Messenger App, which is designed to do things for users even not perfect now. To fulfill various needs of people, the enthusiast for virtual assistant like Facebook are working hard to creating a chat bot that plays like a human-like role in our lives.

It happens that there is a similar case. Google has been working on a messaging-based chat bot for a year according to the Wall Street Journal. Google’s production allows people to send message to it and get answers back with the form of messages. Even the big questions like “what is the meaning of life”can be answered by the A. I chat bot created by Google.

Xiaolce of Microsoft also applied A.I and serves as an virtual assistant, which has been developing in China and in Chinese version. It is reported to be used by some 40 million people on smartphones. Unlike Google’s research project, Xiaolce will give the corresponding answers for people based on the social media.

Here is a prediction by Gartner, “By the end of 2016, two-thirds of consumers in the mature market will regularly use virtual assistants in their daily life.” Let’s imagine a life when you take orders via a virtual assistant, shopping online with it. Maybe you can uninstall unwanted Apps on your Mac or phone, or even some day, you can just tell your Mac to uninstall Flip4Mac and some other stubborn Apps and the work will done for you automatically. But things can go like this, Friends might enjoy the chat with their virtual assistant but no a word with you. Children will talk much with a toy that can answer but little word with you.

Artificial intelligence has become a research trend, and with the high-tech used in our daily life, you may see the visible gap between people.  So it is hard to say whether it is good to see the growing of such high tech. It can brings you benefits and also cause problems.

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