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March 22, 2016 Computer Knowledge , ,

How to avoid Internet pop-out advertisment?

pop out ads

No matter what you are doing, playing online games or watching a video, pop-out Internet advertisement pauses your video when the most wonderful part of the movie is just on or minimizes your online games windows when you are just about to pass your mission must be the last thing you want to see in the world. Today we will talk about how to avoid there darn pop-out Internet ads.

If you always see IE pop-out ads, that means your computer is probably infected by an adware or potentially unwanted programs. When you install an application, it may be bundled with some other programs, especially popularizing ones which are really anoying.

So, to avoid pop-out Internet ads, the first step is to be careful with the bundled programs when you install programs next time.

Second, find out the programs that cause pop-out ads and uninstall them.

The third, also is the most important step is to remove pop-out ads from the IE. It can directly prevent your IE from pop-out ads.

If you are using IE: Click on the “gear icon” in the upper right part of your browser, click on ”Internet Options”. And then click on the “Advanced” tab, at last click on the “Reset” button. select the “Delete personal settings” and click on “Reset” button in the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” section. Click “Close” until IE has completed the task.

If you are using Firefox: Click your Firefox menu button and click “Help”. Then choose “Troubleshooting Tool”. Click “Refresh Firefox” then Firefox itself would turn back to the default settings.

If you are using Google Chrome: Download a tool called “Chrome Cleanup Tool”, you just need to use this tool to scan suspicious information and refresh Google Chrome. Follow the instruction of the tool, it’s really easy for you to do.

If you still can’t solve the problem, Special Uninstaller can help you out, this program has a function called “Plug-in Cleaner”. It’s a one-step process to reset the browser, also easy to conduct.

Above are ways to avoid pop-out Internet advertisement, I hope I could help out:)


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