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March 8, 2016 How-to-Guides

How to Manage your Phone Battery like a PRO?

If you are suffering from issues about your smartphone battery, this post is introducing some easy to follow tricks to help address your headache.

Generally speaking, a decrease in battery Life just depends on different conditions. Examples are, some travelers need to charge his or her smartphone every other day; some businessman would have to do so every other hour! Saving your phone’s batter life somehow is very important to help keep you online communication alive.

Below are some easy-to-remember tips for maintaining a "healthy" battery on your own device:

Note: Making changes to your phone operating system also means a trade-off with default even extra functionality.

1. No. 1 rule: Turn off your phone screen in time. For example, you can set your phone to automatically switch off after certain amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc.) unactioned. This link contains the very best battery-boosting apps. Choose one that meets your needs.


2. Quit or disable some unused services. As for this 2nd tip, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi (also, 4G, 3G, etc.) must be included, as they have been known as the 3 biggest factors that leak or affect your battery energy.

3. Apps. Make the best of your own batter management app, as they are made to maintain battery life for as long as possible. Furthermore, keep an eye on the installed apps you installed. More, you had better learn how to adjust the default app settings, e.g., some has been set to automatically upgrade itself or communicate with its server. Such an action would cause extra costs as well – for Windows users, read this article so you can manage your programs list the most proactive way, it will also help keep junkware at bay effectively. Quitting (an) unused app(s) would also help increase the battery life.

4. Remove your battery in time, place it somewhere cold for a while instead.

Follow this complete how-to if you need additional information.

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