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April 20, 2016 IT News

Google released Android Security Annual: Malicious apps are under 0.15%


It is reported that Google released its Android Security Annual report today. It concluded the situation of Android eco-system that protected by its service, partners and security community in the past year.

In 2015, among the apps which were downloaded from Google Play, the malicious apps only accounted for 0.15%. This number was almost even with the one that released in 2014.

Most of Android devices are preinstalled with Google Play that allows Android users to download and install apps from its app store. However, Google Play is not default app store or not preinstalled on some devices and in some markets, such as Kindle and Chinese market. Therefore, there will be more PHA on those devices and markets.

Google claimed that they has responsibility to protect the security for those who download apps out of Google Play.

Google admited that it improved the Verify Apps service to protect those Android users who download and install applications out of Google Play. The PHA increased that downloaded from other sources since 2015. Among all of the Android devices, there were about 0.5% of devices installed the PHA in 2015.

Google shared more details in this Android Security Annual report. In 2015, the firm checked over 6 billion installed apps .each day to identify the malware and PHA. It scanned 400 million devices to figure out the security threats based on netowrking and devices. It expanded the Safe Browsing service to Android Mobile Chrome browser to prevent the unsafe login.

It revealed the safety measures decreased about 40% of chance based on 2014 figure that Android users downloaded and installed the PHA from Google Play.

Google will continue to improve its Android security from other measures. It added a series of security features for Android Marshmallow and will do regular updates for this service each month.

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