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June 15, 2016 IT News

How Microsoft will put LindedIn to work in Office


Microsoft just acquired LinkedIn on Monday and it has a lot of modes to make full use of LinkedIn. For example, it could collect data through LinkedIn, explore the social networking market and innovate the recruitment and HR management.

Microsoft introduced how to apply LinkedIn data in those well-known software such as Outlook, Skype, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

It admitted that it is short of single data source concerning the professionals. It took much time to collect them and most of them were oudated.

LinkedIn has a huge networking system, including it obtained 433 million users. However, the scale of Office users is larger. Microsoft suggested that it obtain over 1.2 billion Office users. LindedIn will be a part of Office and explore its visibility at maximum.

LindedIn realized its data is important to email users that enhance its productivity. In 2012, LindedIn acquired Gmail plug-in Rapportive at $1.5 billion. This plug-in enables Gmail users to check the related profile info and social networking updates on the sidebar. Unfortunately, LinkedIn run out consumers interests in this product. Then it gave up a lot of Rapportive features.

The problem Rapportive and its rival brought was that it attempted to fullfil the blank by hacking. Users need to install extensions on browser which will change the interface style of Gmail plug-in and its displaying mode. When LinkedIn becomes a part of Office, those personal info could be shared to Office and other apps.

By putting LinkedIn to Office 365 and Dynamics, it could bring new experience for Microsoft, such as the experience of related LinkedIn feeds, communications with LinkedIn experts with the recommendation of Office based on the tasks they finished.

As far as PPT is concerned, with the help of LinkedIn profile, Microsoft Cortana could provide user the backgroup information for the conventioners at the meeting.

Microsoft implied that Linkedinlearning will be put to office as well. If users wish to learn how to complish advanced tasks, they could register class without leaving Office.

What’s more, Dynamics CRM plays an important role too. Sales Navigator will be put to Dynamics CRM.

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