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June 17, 2016 How-to-Guides

How to Use the Top Online Backup Services of 2016

What are the differences between Windows’ own backup service and those branded and non-branded online backup app in the market, and how might GUI, inbuilt features be weighted differently for each? We are sharing our observations. We are also here to help protect you from risky apps in the market. Hit here for more truly proactive security tips and suggestions.

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We tested those professionally handpicked top 3 Windows versions of brands in the industry. They are IDrive, CrashPlan and Carbonite.

IDrive Version – 6.0 from Pro Softnet Corp (Two minutes to go)

  • Run IDriveWinSetup.exe as the administrator.
  • Choose the Yes option from the UAC alert below to proceed with the express install of IDrive for Windows.
  • Hit the Next > button on the "Install IDrive" window.
  • Hit the "I Agree" button on the "License Agreement" box.
  • By default, IDrive will be installed in the system disk.
  • The install process is completed in seconds.
  • Soon, we landed on IDrive’s main platform. Note that, you too need to register an IDrive account to get the most out of the app in your system.

CrashPlan from Code 42 Software, Inc. (4 minutes to go)

  • Run CrashPlan_4.7.0_Win64.exe using the admin access.
  • Press the Next > button on the following CrashPlan Setup wizard.
  • For most regular users, you can use the default option "Everybody (all users)", then hit the Next button.
  • Agree the company’s ToS to continue with the install procedure.
  • Choose a preferred install location, then press the Next button.
  • Read the on-screen info and start the "official" install process.
  • Apply the Yes option to the following User Account Control alert.
  • Wait while the "Setup Wizard" helps install CrashPlan client.
  • Now, exit CrashPlan Setup.
  • In order to use the newly installed CrashPlan, you need to register an account at the company’s website first.

SpiderOakONE (2′ to go)

  • As usual, gain the admin access to perform the software install.
  • Press the Next button on the "SpiderOakONE (the version of the Windows OS) Setup".
  • Check the tickbox for agreeing SpiderOakONE software’s terms, then press the Next button.
  • Simply, hit the Next unless you want to make additional changes to the installation process.
  • Now, hit the Install button.
  • Press the OK button if you too are asked to close the Windows Explorer. Note that this action will make your desktop become black.
  • You can choose to run the SpiderOakONE client when the install is completed.

Usage & Uninstallation

For more info, please pay a visit to original resources on the web. Examples are, those brands’ wiki pages, help pages and such.

What do you think of Microsoft’s backup services?

To help ensure that you don’t lose your files, you should back them up regularly. You can set up automatic backups or manually back up your files at any time.

For recent easy-to-follow information, you can read this official How-to at Microsoft website.

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