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July 27, 2016 Mac Tricks , , ,

A Simple Trick to Create A Website Shortcut on Mac


Have you ever thought of adding a website shortcut to the Dock on your Mac? It is a nice way to quickly visit your favorite website with one click. Usually you will access a website by launching Safari and clicking the bookmark in the Bookmark Bar. Once the URL shortcut is created, clicking on it will both launch the browser and load the site immediately. Sound faster & more convenient, right? Here’s how to make it work.

First, launch Safari (or other browsers), and navigate to the website you want to add to the Dock. Second, click and hold the URL link in the address field, drag it down to the right side of the Dock (next to the Trash), and release your click once you’ve positioned it in the desired location. A global icon will appear in the empty space as the shortcut to the website.

You can hover you cursor over the icon to display its link.


Notes: the left side of the Dock Separator is for applications, while the right side is for URL links, files and folders, so make sure to drag the URL to the right side of Dock Separator; you can drag the bookmark icon in the browser to the Desktop, and this move will create an Internet Location file which you may place in the Dock.

So that’s the steps to add a Dock icon for any website from other popular browsers. Clicking on the shortcut will instantly open the web page in your default browser. You can repeat the steps to add multiple websites to your Dock.

This trick works in all versions of Mac OS X, but it may not work with all Web browsers.

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