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August 8, 2016 IT News , ,

Uninstall/Update Avast to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Update BSOD


If you are an Avast user, you might encounter the issue of Blue Screen of Death when upgrade your computer to Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Many Avast users report that their PCs will crash with a “system thread exception not handled” error when Windows 10 AU is installed. They also mentioned that after uninstalling Avast, they will be able to install Windows 10 Anniversary Update successfully without getting BSOD again. If Avast users do want to upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, they need to uninstall Avast products on the PCs – that’s the only option at that time.


“When the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was combined with our aswvmm.sys driver on an Intel CPU from the Skylake family with Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) enabled in the BIOS, the update resulted in a BSOD.” Latter on Avast explained this issue in its forum. It could also happen “during the clean installations of Avast Antivirus on systems already running the Anniversary Update”.

Now Avast has patched its software and released an emergency update to fix the issue. The affected products include Avast 12.1.2272, 2016.11.2.2262, 2016.11.1.2253, Avast for Business 12.1.2512, 11.2.2511. All these versions should be patched to prevent and fix BSOD. Users should perform the installations using online installer with an internet connection. The offline installer will be update latter, Avast adds.

As anyone using Avast Antivirus on a PC with Intel Skylake CPUs with Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) enabled in the BIOS may be affected, they are strongly recommended to repair/update Avast Antivirus software before applying the Windows update. To repair and reset Avast 2016, you need to access the Avast Setup Wizard from Control Panel, and then select the option Repair to start the process. To resolve the BSOD issue, you can go with these three steps: first is to fully uninstall Avast in Windows Safe Mode; second, run the Windows 10 Anniversary update in the normal mode; and the last is to reinstall packed Avast using the online installer.

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