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September 18, 2016 IT News

Are bigger screen phones more popular?

Qutoed from reporting data of Slice Intelligence, TNW claimed that the iPhone 7 5.5-inch edition is more popular than its 4.7-inch edition. There were about 55% customers ordered iPhone 7 Plus, while iPhone 7 orders accounted for 45%.


When iPhone 6 series were released, the smaller screen one was more popular. The ratio of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was 65 to 35. When it came to iPhone 6s series, the ratio was 59: 41 which was close to even.

The source of Slice Intelligence was from 4 million pre-orders of iPhone 7 made by American customers, including feedback of store staff and questionnaire. While the Chinese customers details are excluded.

Apple confirmed this questionnaire on its official website as well. Maybe you think the design of iPhone 7 Plus camera is not as excellent as iPhone 7. The fact is that iPhone 7 Plus is sold faster than iPhone 7.

Trudy Muller, spokesman of Apple, stated the first round iPhone 7 Plus devices were out of stock worldwide, including all colors of modules. In the meanwhile, shiny black iPhone 7 was out of stock as well.

Trudy Muller expressed the gratitude to its fans. They will do their best to help customers get their new iPhones.

Regarding the storage, Slice Intelligence figured out 67% of customers chose 128 GB edition,14% of customers chose 32GB edition and 19% of them chose brand-new 256GB edition.

It becomes a tendency to make bigger screen phones. Some media pointed out big screen phones are popular in China, Japan and South Korea, while European customers are keen on smaller screen phones.

DeviceAtlas did a search concerning mobile users in United States and some European contries, it found that 4.7 inch phone are the most popular size in United States, Italy and Spain. While customers in Indonesia and some merging countries prefer to use 5-inch or bigger phones.

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