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September 22, 2016 Mac Tricks ,

How to Easily Split PDF Files on Your Mac

The Preview app that comes with mac OS is a handy yet powerful image and PDF viewer. You can open multiple files in one Preview window, or manage PDF files with it. If you have a PDF file that contains a lot of pages but what you need to only a couple of them, what can you do to get the desire pages? Today I would like to share the trick about how to split PDF files into separate documents in this built-in app.


To open a file in Preview, just select it, and press Space key. You can edit it from the hidden Annotation Toolbar (or Markup Toolbar). Click the View menu > Show Annotations Toolbar (Markup Toolbar), a toolbar across the bottom of the preview window will open to allow you to edit the file with some basic editing functions.

OK, back to our topic. To split PDF files using Preview, doing the followings:


Right click on the PDF file, and choose Open With > Preview. As the Preview loads the file, you will be able to see all the pages in the sidebar. You can hold the Command key and click to select multiple pages you want to split from the entire file. As the page are selected, drag and drop those pages onto your desktop, or a folder in Finder. A new PDF file that contains the selected pages will be created instantly.


Yeah, that’s what you need to do to rip certain pages of a PDF file. Incredibly easy, right? Interested in Mac news and tutorials? Get more info related to Mac in this link.

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