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October 14, 2016 Mac Tricks , ,

How to Reveal and Copy A File Path on Mac OS


On some occasions we might need to copy the full path of a file, folder, application or anything else, but since Finder does not have an address bar, how can we reveal a file’s location path? Well, there are several ways to copy the full path of an item.

To reveal the path of a file, you can search the file in Spotlight, and hold Option + Command keys when hover your mouse over the matched search result. The path will appear in the file’s Get Info dialog. But to copy the path, you need to try other options.

1.Using “Get info” to copy the path

Select a file and press Command-I to open the information window for it. From there you can locate and copy the path in the General section next to the keyword “Where”.

2.Using the Terminal to copy the path

Open the Launchpad, type Terminal in the search box, and click on the Terminal icon that appears to launch this app. Then you can drag and drop the target file onto the Terminal window, and the full path of this file will appear so you can copy from there.


3.Using “Go to Folder” to copy the path:

Open a Finder window, click on the Go menu on the top, and choose the “Go to Folder…” to launch the feature. As the windows opens, drag and drop the file on to its path field, and then the full path will be filled in there.

4.Using the Automator to copy the path:

Open the Launchpad, type Automator in the search box, and click on the Automator icon. As the Automator launches, select the Applications folder and click on New Document. Then select Service from the document type, and click on Choose button to create a new service workflow. Now you will need to modify the option (located on the top of the Automator window as the following: “Service receives selected” is “Files or Folders” in “Finder”. Then drag the “Copy to Clipboard” action to the workflow area and save the service with a name like “Copy Path as Text.”



As you have created this service, you can right click on any item in the Finder and choose “Copy Path as Text” from the menu to get the full path of the item.

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