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October 28, 2016 Software Review , , ,

Total Uninstaller Review: Lightweight, Reliable & Efficient Removal Tool

Total Uninstaller

Many Windows users, when they are stuck into uninstall problems, are wondering if there is an all-in-one uninstall tool to help solve those issues. I used to be one of them, but now I find a way out and I benefit a lot form it. So here I want to share my experience of uninstalling programs using a reputed tool known as Total Uninstaller.

Q1: What Is Total Uninstaller & How Does It Work?

Total Uninstaller is a lightweight yet powerful utility that specializes in Windows program removal. It offers essential functions (e.g. Fore Uninstall Mode) to help users remove target program and clean off your system. Any malicious, problematic or stubborn applications can be removed easily and thoroughly in three simple steps.

Then how does it work to help you get rid of unneeded programs? Actually, the whole process is quite intuitive and user-friendly. To fully uninstall a program with Total Uninstaller, you only need to go through 3 simple steps. Here’s how it works:


Step1: Launch Total Uninstaller, select the target program, and click Run Analysis.
Step 2: Hit Complete Uninstall > Yes, and then follow the onscreen instructions.
Step3: Hit Delete Leftovers > Yes, and click OK in the dialog to finish the removal.

Tip: for those hidden programs, plugins or widgets that do not show up on the interface, Total Uninstaller offers a Force Uninstall Mode to help users carry out the removal task. To make it work, click “Cannot find the program” in the bottom right corner, then navigate to the program installation directory, and click Scan button to proceed.


What if Total Uninstaller fails to handle a program removal task as you expect? To my knowledge, Total Uninstaller provides technical support in its official website. Users who encounter problems in using this program can also submit request by e-mail ( I’ve written a letter asking why I cannot successfully uninstall nw.exe(adware), and I received a reply within 24 hours. Nice response.

Q2: Is Total Uninstaller Truthworthy to Install & Use?

As an one-station uninstaller designed for novice, average and skilled users, Total Uninstaller is quite lightweight (only 2.64 MB) and intuitive. But what about its reputation and efficiency?

As shown in previous section, once launches, Total Uninstaller will scan your system to list all installed programs. Once you select a program to uninstall, it will locate and list all the identified files, folders and registry entries pertaining to the target program. Only with your permission will it start to remove selected items from your computer.


The whole uninstall procedure maintains open and transparent. You will be informed of every act, and every change will only take place after your giving confirmation. Apart from necessary operations it requires to uninstall a program, Total Uninstaller won’t keep your privacy information or force you to do any other suspicious act.

As a removal tool that does what it claims, Total Uninstaller is not only professional but also reliable and efficient. During my test of this program, it passes the security check status. For more security information of this product, see this link:


Q3: Why It Is Better to Run Total Uninstaller in Program Removal?

Software for Windows OS are frequently criticized for causing various uninstall issues. Without a reliable and efficient uninstall utility, you will need to perform complicated steps to remove problematic, stubborn, and especially malicious programs, not to mention that you will have to manually locate and delete its remaining components hidden deep in your system. If you often uninstall programs, manually doing it can be quite tedious and laborious, while a highly-developed and easy-to-use uninstaller will spare you from all those unnecessary troubles.


To sum up, if you are looking for a Windows uninstall tool with powerful features to wipe off any unwanted programs, Total Uninstaller will be a good choice indeed.

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