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November 11, 2016 How-to-Guides , ,

Uninstall uTorrent/μTorrent Tips for Common Mac Users

uninstall uTorrent

For many uTorrent users, it has been a headache for them to remove this app on their Macs, some are unable to remove it on the trash, and some others just continue to be annoyed by the app after uninstall, so, how could be a good way to uninstall uTorrent in OS X? Here are some useful tips you can refer to.

μTorrent, some body may call it uTorrent, it is a free BitTorrent client available for Mac OS X that can help the user to search for and download torrents directly from the software interface. As a popular app online with a miniature size, many people would like to install it and use for a try, but the problem just come out when you are not satisfied with the application or need to remove it for other reasons, because many people don’t know what’s the exact way to uninstall uTorrent completely on Mac. And you can also check the specific removal guides at this post: Simple Steps to Fully Remove µTorrent from Mac.

How can uninstall uTorrent/μTorrent on Mac

When remove uTorrent/μTorrent on a Mac computer, the biggest challenge is how can cleaning all of files and components on the computer, but on the other hand, the simple removing actions (dragging unwanted item to the Trash) on Mac only help the user to remove the content in its installed package, while there are still a lot of associated files stored in other folders and places on the computer. Therefore, if you want to totally remove uTorrent/μTorrent on Mac, you should complete these two removing jobs:

Remove the whole installed package

Installed package are the core place that store the important files and configurations of uTorrent, you should remove it completely on the Mac. However, some people may encounter the program cannot be moved to the Trash when they try to uninstall the app manually. In this case, you should consider to apply an uninstall tool.

Totally clean its associated files on the Mac

Besides the installed folder, uTorrent also have many files in many folders of the Library, so, please remember to check such folders as Applications Support, Caches, and Preferences in the Library, there maybe contain some folders and files of uTorrent.

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