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April 26, 2017 How-to-Guides , ,

Simple Steps to Optimize Storage On Your Mac

Don’t know how to optimize storage and release the space on your Mac, look at the page don’t missing.

  • First of all, click Apple icon in start menu on your Desktop, select “about this Mac” in first option to open window.
  • Next, choose Storage button of the top of window.
  • After that you can see a window of Macintosh HD appears on your face, simply click manage… on the right side.
  • Then anther windows pop-up, there are fore different types of storage in your Mac:

      Store in iCloud
      Optimize Storage
      Empty Trash Automatically
      Reduce Clutter

  • Choose one you want optimize, such as second choice Optimize Storage, simply click the button Optimize on the right side

optimize storage on your Mac

  • Just a second, click Optimize option to make sure you want to optimize storage of iTunes movies and TV shows.
  • Now, your storage optimization is completed for one option.
  • Repeat the above operation to optimize other option to have other storage optimization.
  • Simply click quit to finish all the processes.

Thanks for watching the video of how to optimize your Mac storage:

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