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May 11, 2017 IT News , ,

A British Man Claims iPhone 7 Exploded When He Answered It

A man seeing iPhone 7 exploding

According to the report of Sun, earlier this morning on May 9, a man named Lee Hayes, who is from England, 47 years old, has claimed that an iPhone 7 was exploded on his face when he was answering it.

Hayes said, “The phone just put on the side of kitchen, I heard the ring belling when I picked it up, it just exploded suddenly”, and he only got this iPhone 7 for three days when the incident happened. What he described of the explosion and the fizz sound were the similar with former situation of other phone.

Apple Company has not responded for this incident.

A number of glass splinter rip into Hayes’ hands due to the explosion, even left a trace to the kitchen. The explosion made the man can continue his match, who is a Darts players, so he is considering to t accuse Apple for responsible for the whole accident.


When a phone is exploding, people think the reason must be the issue of battery. For example, the series of explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note7 happened earlier in the world.
Luckily thought by Hayes, “It’s quite disappointing hurt that my hands were still bleeding, fortunately, things could be worse that I could had lost my hand!”

So it seems that even the iPhone can’t be one hundred percent safe, you must look at you smartphone, be care not to let the accident happened, cool down your phone now!

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