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UK General Election: Pound Falls Due to the Political Turmoil

uk election 2017 result

London (CNN), in the morning 7:00 am of local time on June 8, 2017, British General election vote formally began. According to CNN, there are 650 electoral districts more than 40 thousands polling stations opened across the country. There are about 46.9 million people registered as voters. The outcome of the vote is expected published one 9 in the morning of UK time.

UK General Election: New Updates

According to the Three televisions in UK, the exit poll shows that the situation of Conservatives is not optimistic enough, while Labour has picked up seats from the Scottish National Party in Scotland, and that the Conservatives have lost seats in the south of England. Though Conservatives is still the most powerful party in UK, but it would surely or might lose seats of majority party, Conservatives must get more than 326 votes.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made speech in their elect district, saying thanks the voters, and it is right to vote them, and Labour now gets more seats. Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, who had said Corbyn was safe anyway, for he won two leadership election now in an interview just now. On the other side, Conservatives leader Theresa May expressed that the voters should be calm down now, and it must consolidate and uplift in the overall situation of the whole country since UK had quit the EU last year, in order to get more votes from the British public.

labour leader jeremy corbyn

Pound Drops Due to Uncertain Election Outcome

With the exit poll predicting an uncertain outcome, many are asking what this would mean for the upcoming Brexit negotiations. Meanwhile, the pound has fallen since the early projection and people are suddenly interested in Labour leader Jeremy

Due to the uncertain vote of Theresa May, the representative of Conservative Party, now the situation of May is 209 votes, if the Conservative Party can’t get the higher votes than Labour, thus, May may be in trouble. The currency remained volatile as initial results trickled in, falling as much as 2% to below $1.27 before regaining some ground. It had been trading comfortably above $1.29 during the day on Thursday. That’s 14% lower than its level on the day of the Brexit referendum nearly a year ago. Since then it has traded as low as $1.20.


Anyway, more information about the UK General Election, click here to know.

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