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July 19, 2017 hot news , , ,

HTC Users Complain Ads Showing in Default Keyboard, Company Says It’s an ‘Error’


HTC smart phone has trouble now, some of their owners are explaining and concerning there are ads on their HTC mobile default keyboard when they are using. It’s one thing to voluntarily put up with ads on your phone in return for a lower price or free apps, but it’s another to have ads delivered without warning. Now the HTC users are suffering this thing right now as matter of fact.

In the daily life in recent days, ads is likely everywhere. When we open an app, some ads appeared on it usually, but have ever seen ads showing in your default keyboard when you’re typing? Now the HTC owners are not surprised anymore, because they are dealing with that.

According to a report from Android Police, users found ads appeared on TouchPal keyboard when typing. TouchPal is default keyboard of HTC mobile, which installed both in HTC 10 and U11 before, at that time, things seem all going well, but after the update released, users found it will show ads on the top of TouchPal. Now the annoyed users are accusing the Company in Twitter.

android police

Here are some comments about the TouchPal ads of HTC in Twitter:

Frustrated HTC users have been lighting up the company on Twitter.

users complain

Some blame to TouchPal straightly on Twitter.

htc touchpal

HTC’s official Twitter account has been instructing users to uninstall updates to the keyboard app. Additionally, impacted users can also opt to use a different keyboard altogether.

Soon in a statement to Gadgets 360, HTC confirmed that some people were indeed seeing ads on the keyboard app, however, it assured that the company has no plans to shove ads this way and they have no idea why ads showed in TouchPal and provide fix solution to users.

“Due to an error, some HTC customers have reported seeing ads on their phone’s keyboard,” a spokesperson said. “This is absolutely not the experience we intended, and we’re working to immediately fix the error and remove the ads as quickly as possible.”


As the most important part in a mobile phone, Android Police thinks HTC should not deliver management by third party completely. What do you think of it? Leave you comment bellow.

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