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August 30, 2017 Security News, Software Review, Windows , , , ,

AV-TEST: Kaspersky Performs Best in Latest AV Test under Windows


As an independent organization based in German, AV-TEST periodically evaluates and rates antivirus and security suite software for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android, according to a variety of criteria. For the past 6 months (from January to June 2017), AV-TEST has been testing 18 Internet security suites for Windows, and recently it announced the result on its website. In the endurance test under Windows, Kaspersky Internet Security gets full marks in protection, performance and usability.

Kaspersky Internet Security achieves the maximum point score of 18, followed by Symantec (17.8 points), Trend Micro (17.8 points), Bitdefender (17.7 points) and Avira (17.5 points). The solutions provided by F-Secure, AVG, Avast, BullGuard, G Data, Microworld and McAfee gain reliable scores ranging from 16.8 to 16.1 points. Those antivirus/security software with more than 16 points provide good protection, put a low load on the system and do not cause any annoyance through false positives.

The security suites of ThreatTrack, ESET and Microsoft are displayed in the table at scores below 16 points. Comodo comes in at the very bottom of the list, with 13.6 points. This package gains two 5.2 in the categories of Protection and Usability but only 3.2 in terms of performance, because it noticeable slows down the test PCs.

As for Windows’ built-in security solution, Windows Defender is in the second-to-last position in the testing of 18 internet security suites. Its detection rate in real-world testing and reference set are 98.7% and 99.6% respectively, compared with the 100 % rate from Kaspersky. To be fair, Windows Defender, though not work so perfect as Kaspersky, the weaknesses could be understood considering it is a free antivirus suite.

Finally in the report, AV-TEST recommends users to choose the security solutions from Kaspersky Lab, Symantec, Trend Micro, Bitdefender and Avira, all of which reached between 18 and 17.5 points. Paid software packages are supposed to provide the best sustained protection, and they don’t have to come at expense of performance.

Ironically, though Kaspersky comes top in a series of tests, it is being blocked the US government, and FBI reportedly pushed private sector companies to ditch Kaspersky Lab’s software. Earlier last month, Kaspersky filed antitrust complaint against Microsoft again, claiming that Microsoft by default disables Kaspersky’s anti-virus software on Windows 10 system and enables its own Windows Defender solution.

If you choose to install a free antivirus suite, Avast Free Antivirus, which gains a 16.5 score in overall performance, could be a good option. It achieves a full 6-point sore in the category of protection. What drag it down is the relatively low score in the performance category. Avast requires significantly more system resources than other purchase products, and that’s why it scores only 4.7 out of 6 points in the category.

Additionally, Kaspersky now offers a free antivirus for PC. You can make your decision about which antivirus/security suite you want to install on your machine. Only to note that, typically most antivirus/security software are not compatible with other solutions, so make sure to perform a clean uninstallation of current security solution before you are trying to install a new-brand security product.

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