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August 11, 2017 hot news , ,

Storm at Google engineer’s anti-diversity manifesto: executives refuted the claim

Storm at Google engineer's anti-diversity manifesto

Latest update of Google engineer’s anti-diversity manifesto, two executives of the company now have responded and argue women aren’t suited for tech jobs for “biological” reasons.

A 3,300-word manifesto was written by an unknown engineer claimed that the company’s efforts to improve workforce diversity and its “left leaning” bias. The manifesto described why woman is weaker in technology and management rather than man is because of “biological difference”. And the page was heated debate within Google.

The 10-page treatise, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” argues that women are underrepresented in tech not as a result of bias and discrimination but rather biological difference between men and women.

But the issue still ignited a fierce debate on social media.

Several Google employees post comments on Twitter on Friday to criticize the document and its author.


Over the weekend, Google diversity vice president Danielle Brown and engineering VP Ari Balogh addressed the controversial document in separate messages to Google employees. Both Brown and Balogh condemned the document’s assertions and defended Google’s diversity efforts.

Danielle Brown, Google’s recently hired head of diversity, responded to the document in an internal memo he wrote as “incorrect assumptions about gender.”
Balogh, Meanwhile, the engineering boss, said such “stereotyping” that is “deeply troubling” and “harmful.”

Google is also being sued by the US Labor Department, which accuses the search giant of systematically paying its female employees less than it pays men. The company strongly denies that assertion.

Storm at Google engineer's anti-diversity manifesto

A few months ago, the topic of diversity has been a hot spot since Uber and several venture capital companies broke sexual harassment scandal. The co-founder Kalland Nick resigned from the CEO duty of Uber in this June.

Latest update of Google anti-diversity manifesto storm: Google fired the employee who posted that article for the reason of against the code of conduct of the company.

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