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August 24, 2017 How-to-Guides , , ,

What to Do if Safari Crashes or Slows on Your iPhone


AS the default web browser on Apple devices, Safari comes with some improvements and new features in iOS 10 such as inline and auto video playback. Yet, we do notice some iOS users complaint that their Safari may crashes sometimes, and the reasons vary. It is quite annoying when you are browsing a web page and suddenly Safari shuts down. If you are experiencing a slow Safari, or the Safari keeps crashes on your iPhone, you can read through these tips to troubleshoot the issue for your iPhone.

Solution 1: restart your iPhone

Some of you may not believe that a simple restart can fix many issues on iPhone like app crashes or unresponsive screen, but it is true. Restarting your iPhone will reset memory, clear temporary caches and restores thing to a cleaner state.

To do so, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, then drag the slider in the Power Off screen to switch off your device, and a few seconds later, press and hold the same button to turn it back on. Chances are that your Safari could be normal again.

Solution 2: clear Safari history & data

Safari will save your browsing history and personal data by default, for the reason that it help loading the web pages faster the next time you access them. Yet it may also cause your Safari to crash. So it is a good idea to clear up your Safari history and data in that case. You can follow the steps below to test if this option is helpful or not.

– Launch the Setting app from your Home screen, and then tap Safari in the list.
– Tap the Clear History and Website Data, and tap Clear History and Data again.

Now launch Safari and try visiting some sites to see if the issue has been fixed.

Solution 3: turn off AutoFill in Safari

AutoFill is a feature in Safari that will automatically fills in your information like credit cards, contacts and passwords when necessary. You can disable this feature by several taps. Still in the Settings app, tap Safari, select AutoFill, and turn off the switches for Use Contact Info, for Names and Passwords and for Credit Cards.

Solution 4: disable iCloud Safari syncing

This feature is to sync your Safari bookmarks via iCloud between your Apple devices. To disable it, tap Settings > iCloud, then turn off the switch for Safari and select between Keep on My iPhone and Delete from my iPhone when asked what to do with all previously synced Safari data. Does this option fix your problematic Safari now?

Solution 5: update your iOS

If all the aforementioned options cannot solve the crashing issue, you are suggested to upgrade to the latest version of the iOS as each update includes some bug fixes that may help resolve your Safari issues. To do so, head to Settings > General >Software Update, and if an update is available there, tap the Install Now button at the bottom of the screen to begin downloading and installing the iOS software update.

We hope that any of the solutions listed above could help troubleshoot your Safari. But if not, you may need to take your iPhone to Apple Store for technical support.

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