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September 4, 2017 hot news

Do You Know About Blockchain Technology –

Blockchain technology became more pronounced with the publication of the whitepaper; “Bitcoin, a Peer to Peer Electronic Cash system.” Vitalik Buterin paved way for more applications with the introduction of Ethereum – a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts and applications. Since then, more blockchain-based technologies have emerged to solve several other specific problems, with increased rates of acceptance and adoption recorded in mostly developed economies.


However, the third world and developing regions, of which Africa is a part, appear to be at the backstage. Despite this, mention must be made of the potential for growth that lies in Africa, as witnessed for example, in the explosion in growth of ICT in the past decade – where Africa heralded a whopping 70% share of global ICT growth. It is the fastest-growing region in the global cellular market too, where the number of mobile subscribers alone has increased by over 50,000% from 2 million in 2000 to over 1 billion in 2016. The untapped potential inherent in Africa cannot be overemphasized. It is this potential that Cryptogene seeks to harness vis-a-vis the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

As the global community goes through another round of digital revolution, there are immense opportunities to reposition the African continent for enormous growth using the blockchain technology as a facilitator. Cryptogene is a vibrant community dedicated to sharing knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology on the African continent – its adoption and implementation. It aims to: 1) Educate 2) Adopt 3) Impletement. You can learn more about Cryptogene on The community gives its members the ability to be part of the emerging blockchain industry by being able to make informed assessments for investment opportunities or capacity building and integration of blockchain into their businesses and daily activities. Blockchain technology can help solve several myriads of problems plaguing the African continent. All Africa needs is the right information, better integration, and greater access to the global community on a larger scale.

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