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January 3, 2018 Uninstall Guides ,

Take Proper Steps to Uninstall Whatsapp on Your Mac

Take Proper Steps to Uninstall Whatsapp on Your Mac

Encountered issues when trying to get rid of Whatsapp? Wondering how to effectively uninstall Whatsapp for Mac? Simply dragging its icon to the Trash does not help remove all the components this app creates on your system. In this post we would like to share three available methods to help you remove Whatsapp on macOS/Mac OS X.

Before you perform the uninstall, make sure to quit Whatsapp if it is currently running. To do so, right click its icon on the Dock, and choose Quit. What if the app is frozen? You can run Activity Monitor to force kill the app and all its related process.

Method 1: Move Whatsapp to the Trash

> Open the Finder and head to the Applications folder on the left panel.
> Right click on Whatsapp and choose Move to Trash from the sub-menu.
> Head to the Finder menu at the top bar, and then choose Empty the Trash.

Note that once you choose Finder > Empty Trash, all the items thrown into the Trash will be deleted permanently including Whatsapp, and this act is irrevocable.

Method 2: Delete Whatsapp in Launchpad

> Click the Launchpad icon on the Dock, and type Whatsapp in the search box.
> Hold on Whatsapp until the app icon begins to wiggle and shows the X icon.
> Tap the X, and then click Delete in confirmation dialog, to remove Whatsapp.

This method only works when you installed Whatsapp via the Mac App Store.

Method 3: Utilize A Dedicated Uninstaller

> Download, install and run the dedicated uninstaller via this page.
> Select Whatsapp, and click Run Analysis to scan for its components.
> Review the items pertaining to Whatsapp, click Complete Uninstall button, and then click Yes in the pop-up dialog box to perform a thorough uninstall.

Once the removal is complete, click Back to Interface to re-scan your Mac, and then quit this tool. If Whatsapp icon still stays on the Dock, simply drag it to the Trash.

Is that all? Surely no. Though the Whatsapp app has been remove from your Mac, you are suggested to run a thorough scan around your system. If you use the dedicated uninstaller to handle the Whatsapp removal task, you can skip this part. But if you adopt the first or second method, you’d better carry out a manual detection.

Here are the detailed steps to detect and delete Whatsapp leftovers:

> Open the Finder, click the Go from the Menu Bar, and select Go to Folder.
> Type the path of the top level Library on hard disk: /Library, and hit Enter key.
> Type Whatsapp in the Search Bar, and click on Library below the search box.
> Identify the matched items, right click on them and choose Move to Trash option.
> Go ahead to delete the leftovers hidden in the ~/Library directory.
> After the thorough detection, empty the Trash to get rid of them once and for all.

Be cautious when you delete items in the system folders. If you have difficulty in identifying Whatsapp-related components, turn to the dedicated uninstaller for help!

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